Nick Carraway And Yourself


Nick Carraway And Yourself Essay, Research Paper

Nick Carraway and I are alike because alike because both of us are basically honest,

neither of us needs nor have a lot of money, and both of us are pretty much nice to everyone.

These are good morals to have, and they help you all through life. That is why Nick was so well

liked in the book. He really didn t have any enemies, and I hope that the same is true for me.

Nick is honest, and so am I. He actually prides himself on the fact that he is honest saying,

Everyone suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine: I am one of the

few honest people I have ever known. He stays true to this throughout the book by such things

as, calling Jordan on cheating in golf etc. His exception to this was his undying loyalty to the

fraudulent Gatsby. I too am honest, or try to be. My friends and I used to play basketball a lot.

When there was a dispute over a foul or something like it, they would ask me if there was a foul,

and if I saw it I would tell them. Also, I too, associate with dishonest people.

Nick is happy without a whole lot of money and possessions, and I am the same way.

Nick lived in a little bungalow, didn t have extravagant wealth, and lived rather modestly. I am

like that as well. Nick was happy and content with his present holdings for the situation that he

was currently in. I m sure that he thought it would be nice to have those things, but nevertheless,

he didn t need them, and even in some cases want them. He said this of his wealthy neighbors the

Buchanans: They were careless people . . . they smashed up things . . . retreated back into their

money . . . and let other people clean up the mess they had made. I myself don t have a lot of

money, and am presently happy with it. I don t need all of those fancy rich things to keep me

happy, I am currently well off the way I am.

I try to be friendly to everyone, and so does Nick. In Nick this is epitomized by his

continuing friendship with Gatsby, no matter how shady he got. Also he continued to be nice to

the Buchanans, and also Jordan, who he actually falls in love with. I too try to be nice and at least

say hello to people, whether I agree with what they do, or seem to do, or not.

Mr. Carraway and I are both amiable people, we also don t need to be worldly to be

happy, and both of us are basically honest. So nick and I are kind of buddies, if he suddenly

jumped out of the book, I think that we would get along quite well.

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