Newspaper And Magazines


Newspaper And Magazines Essay, Research Paper

Newspaper and Magazines

Nowadays, we cannot use the old attitude to read newspapers or magazines,

especially when reading those reports which are about the lives of famous

people. Most of those reports may be unreal.

Some repoters and photographers trace the famous people everywhere and

write unreal stories about them. The bad behaviour of the reporters and

photographers not only affect the daily lives of the famous people , but

also destroys the public images of them.

As newspaper and magazines are the important medium in the society, they

have reponsibilities to report the truth to let the readers know.

Nevertheless, some of them want to take advantage of the unreal stories

to increase the market. They know most of the readers have curious about

the famous people. As a result, they forge stories about the famous people.

They not only invade the private of the famous people, but also seize the

right of reading true reports from people. How selfish they are! They do

not think about how serious they will affect the famous people and how

disappointed some readers are with the newspapers and magazines by

reading those unreal stories.

In my opinion, I think we should use a new attitude to read newspapers or

magazines. We should adjust if the reports true or not by ourselves. We

cannot believe all the things which are printed on the newspaper and

magazines. And we can choose the reliable newspapers and magazines to

read. It is not worth buying such stories-made newspapers and magazines.

I think those stories can only attract people at a period of time. Gradually,

more and more people will be awake. And they will totally lose confidence

with those bad newspaper and magazines.

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