New Generation Ahead Of The Old


New Generation Ahead Of The Old Essay, Research Paper

New Generation Ahead of the Old

In his article “The Generation Lap,” Don Tapscott describes how “we have shifted from a generation gap to a generation lap” which means that kids are moving faster than adults on the technological track as well as daily life.

Children are more capable of using computers and educating the older generation. The phenomenon of higher knowledge of children than adults has never happened this much in society. The younger generation’s mass use of the Internet and computers at home often forces parents to invest money into this technology, even though they may be unfamiliar with it. Parents were traditionally more experienced than children pertaining to any subject matter that was considered knowledgeable. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, however, ran a test and found out that teenagers, “…became sources of expertise within the household…,” when it comes to technological equipment. Families can become more effective units because they work together, just as a dance, sports, or cheerleading team works as one whole instead of individuality.

This situation does not only occur in the family, but it also occurs in schools and in the workplace. Students are teaching their instructors and employees are taking control over their bosses. The newer generation is dominating the workplace

and grabbing a hold of most, if not all, job opportunities. John Seely Brown states that, “What you find in leading organizations today is that each one of us is, in some way, an authority in some domains and a student in other domains. We must be prepared to learn major things from our subordinates and vice versa.” This means that there is no longer a hierarchy in the work world.

Everyone can benefit from this “generation lap”, but unfortunately, there are some who stick to the old way of doing things while the world is moving ahead. Now, we use technology in virtually everything we do.

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