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Dear New Employee,

Welcome to your new job! The position you have decided to undertake is one, which welcomes great variety on a day-to-day basis. The following information is meant to help you as you learn more about Best Buy and the things that make it run.

Your job covers many different aspects of the department store, from maintenance to typing forms. Hopefully everything will be covered in this manual. However, if something new arises, feel free to add to this notebook for the next person. Update anything old and delete anything, which is obsolete.

Your areas in the office are your locker, located underneath the old staff lockers, and the second drawer of the reception area desk. Here you will find any supplies, mailers, and the phone book. Feel free to store anything else in this drawer, but please be aware that other employees also have access to this drawer for the phone book.

We hope that you enjoy working with Best Buy!

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