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Higher academic standards have moved to the forefront of education reform in the United States. In New York State, the Board Of Regents has approved 29 learning standards, adopted an all Regents exam curriculum, and is considering more rigorous state assessments and graduation requirements. These standards were created to ensure that all students have the necessary knowledge, skills, and understandings as a result of their instruction and experiences in the school districts of New York. While skeptics believe that higher standards may negatively impact certain students due to the rigorous academic program they must now partake in; I believe firmly that these new learning standards are and will continue to improve the quality of education for all students in New York State.

The New York State Learning Standards represent the core of what all people should know, understand and be able to do as a result of their schooling. This type of academic program ensures that all students have an opportunity to experience academic achievement due to the solid academic foundation that these standards are providing for. In order to ensure that students meet these standards we must have well trained teachers who are dedicated to the goals for which these standards call for. Coupled with that is the development of early intervention programs which will give all students the best possible start necessary in order to pave a path for academic success. It is also important to recognize and allow for differences in learning styles and speeds, which can be done by aligning the curricula with these standards. In order to ensure that our schools become the

community s focal point, and that the quality of education is truly improved, the parents and surrounding communities must be aware of and involved with the new standards created by the state of New York. With these support systems working closely with the standards all children will be prepared for a bright future.

Ensuring that the quality of education is improved in the state of New York can only be done by having each child meet the new standards. Although this is a daunting responsibility, it must be done. Raising academic standards is the key to the future of our children and our world. Improving the quality of education begins by not allowing any child to fail, and the recent implementation of the New York State standards is the first step in the quest to ascertain success for all.

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