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In Samuel Johnson s, Preface to Shakespeare, he uses a quote that says, The irregular combinations of fanciful inventions may delight a-while, by that novelty of which the common satiety of life sends us all in quest; but the pleasures of sudden wonder are soon exhausted, and the mind can only repose on the stability of truth. This quote is stating that newly improved inventions through the use of technology are helpful to us as a society, but the real truth rests with mankind. For example, many people buy computers to help maintain data or even solve a problem quicker, however, computers have been proven to be unreliable. Computers can suffer from various types of viruses and have to be constantly upgraded in order to perform efficiently. This is one reason that humans cannot rely on enhanced inventions. This quote can be linked to several different time periods of human existence. These features are used during the neoclassical, medieval, and renaissance periods.

The first point I will discuss is a poem from the neoclassical period. The poem I will be discussing is A Modest Proposal . The setting takes place in Dublin, Ireland. During this time, Ireland was in a state of famine. The introduction states, For preventing the children of poor people in Ireland from being a burden to their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the public (pg. 1113). This is stating that the government was willing to pay poor families money to obtain their children for food. The author states, I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee or a ragout (pg. 1115). That is saying that the government will season the children, as they are slaughtered. The author also states, As to our city of Dublin, shambles (pg. 1115). This is stating that Dublin was the capital of the slaughterhouses in Ireland. In today s society, mankind has evolved more rapidly in food sources. What I mean is that there are a lot of starving people in the world today, but they don t go to the extreme like Ireland did. Many countries acquire help from neighboring countries. I feel that every life is precious no matter where you come from. To conclude, I feel that society has come a long way, due to different technically methods of food sources.

The second point I will be discussing is a poem from the Medieval Period. John Donne wrote the poem Love s Alchemy during the Medieval Period. To John Donne, it is knowing what you want to accomplish before you choose the words to show a view. This poem starts by saying, Some that have deeper digged have s mine than I (Line 1). This is stating that man is in a hollow quarry. During this time, many people where inventing many types of potions, elixirs, and remedies to cure the sick. To show this, John Donne states, And as no chemic yet the elixir got, But glorifies his pregnant pot, If by the way to him befall, Some odoriferous things, or medicinal; So lovers dream a rich and long delight (Lines 7-11). The elixir , is a magic medicine sought by alchemists and was reputed to heal all ill (Lines 7). The pregnant pot , was the fertile, calling the common analogy between producing the elixir of life and human generation (Line 9). As a result, man finally discovered ways cure humanity through remedies, elixirs, and potions. In today s society, mankind still uses these forms of medicines, but civilization has discovered a better variety of using medicines.

Finally, The Relic is another poem written by John Donne during the Renaissance. This poem explains mere images of death and beauty. For instance, this poem states, When my grave is broke up again, Some second guest to entertain, For graves have learned that women-head, To be more than one a bed (Lines 1-4). The first four lines talk about how graves were often used to enter successive corpses. It also explains how bones of previous occupants are being deposited in charnel houses. The charnel houses are buildings where corpses are deposited. During this time, mankind didn t have the right methods of burying the dead. The beauty of this poem states, Perchance might kiss, but not between those meals (Line 28). That line talks about kiss of salutation and parting. Salutation is being saved from evil and danger. Even though humanity uses the same methods of burial, mankind has discovered a better way of burning civilization.

In conclusion, these features are important in society, because mankind is always trying to reinvent something original, trying to make it more modern, except killing children. When mankind reinvent something old, it s exciting, because it can be the next step of finding a cure or saving energy. After this is done, the stability of truth can be its premier summit.

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