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Nazi s

There were many circumstances in Germany that led to the

one party state. In 1918 military positions collapsed and

the abdication of the Tsar was a reality. Who became the

nest prime minister? Shortly after the abdication, a new

government known as the Weimar Republic went into power by

gaining a majority. The SPD was led by Ebert and he began

to draft the parties new constitution. The policies of the

constitution enabled Hitler and his party to enter

Parliament by proportional representation. He attracted

many votes in Parliament and it was up to the extent when

he almost gained a majority. This large number of votes

enabled him to be invited as chancellor because of the

political intrigue of the aristocrats. His chancellor role

enabled him to have enough power to use methods of

increasing his votes. Finally, he rose further and further

and he eventually became dictator.

In 1918 the Weimar took over and a new Constitution was

drafted. The policy of proportional representation allowed

the Nazi Party to take a seat in Parliament. Now they were

able to express political ideas and have some sort of

power, instead of using Putsch. The Nazis attracted so many

votes by manipulating the system of the Weimar Republic. In

its meetings they argued about the many issues of the

political system. There was the issue about the occupation

of the Ruhr by the French. This was allowed by the Weimar

Constitution. Hitler s listeners were discontent about this

because it made the German s feel guilty about the war and

it ruined their most industrial area. Tariffs were also a

discontented issues because farmers in Northern Germany

couldn t sell more of its goods over other cheaper imports.

The Young Plan was also bad because it extended the

reparations far too long. It made the Germans feel guilty

and it supported the French treaty. Inflations rose to

hyper-inflation, which made the Germans, especially the

middle class, unhappy because of several reasons. The

inflation decreased the value of money and because of firms

going bankrupt they couldn t take out their savings out of

the bank.

The Nazis rose further as it enhanced its ways of

increasing its votes. The brownshirts supported Hitler

and this enabled other parties to be harassed and the Nazi

Party to be protected. Support for Hitler was from his

finances he received from industries. This was obtained

because they opposed communism and trade unions. Hitler

promised them that they ll (the trade unions) be abolished

when he went to power.

Hitler began to rise at an alarming rate of votes. This

enabled him to be invited as chancellor. The aristocrats

invited him, hoping to increase their own power by

controlling Hitler. This was the aristocrat s political

intrigue. This power enabled Hitler to gain emergency

power. The Reichstag Building was burnt down and a

communist named Lubbe, was accused of the arson. Hitler

used this excuse to allow himself to gain the Emergency

Powers and in affect arrest those who were against

communist subversion. In his next election he gained a

majority with the Nationalists, which allowed him to

install the Enabling Act. The Enabling Act gave him the

power to suspend the constitution for 4 years. This allowed

him to gain the power to abolish all parties and so he did

and his life as a dictator started.

Hitler and his Nazi Party gained their one party state by

the series of incident they experienced through their

development. The flaws and the Weimar Republic and the

position of Germany allowed Hitler to create his one party

state. His orating skills and emotive issues allowed him to

gain as many votes to have him invited as chancellor. His

position as chancellor allowed him as much power to be

able to finish off his development of a one party state.

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