Myrtle’s Immorality Essay, Research Paper

There are many characters in the Great Gatsby novel that were each looking for something different Myrtle was one of those characters. Throughout this essay I hope to explain how Myrtle started low and tried to work her way up to the upper class. I hope to explain where she came from and where she wants to go and how in the end she tragically met her demise in her attempts.

Early in Americas history when the young country was first growing up there was a great dream circulating around through everyone in America. When the dream first started it was about liberty, freedom, and equality among all people in the U.S, no matter how rich or how poor, however this did not last. As time went on less and less people cared about liberty and freedom and began to take advantage. Much of this was taking place during the 1920 s, or The roaring twenties . There were a few people in the U.S who still believed in freedom and equality but most people had lost hope. Everything could be bought even people, the life of freedom and liberty changed drastically to a life of the nicest cars, the most money, and the most extravagant trips, life had taken a turn, a turn for the worst.

There are many characters in the Great Gatsby story and each of them are after something different. There s Nick who s after basically wealth, there s Gatsby who s after respect and the list is quite extensive. The only one of the many characters that actually is really reaching for the top is Myrtle. Myrtle is a woman who has spent her whole life at the bottom and she really would do anything to just climb to the top of the barrel and be important. Not much information is given on Myrtle s past life but it is quite obvious what her life was like. She grew up in a lower class house with a lower class family and she didn t really have anything going for her, and in her current life nothing was really happening she was married to a boring spiritless man . That s the reason that she finally wanted out and decided that a relationship with a rich powerful man, would get her a spot in that great upper class life.

Myrtle eventually made her way in to what she thought was the upper class but in reality she was still in the exact same place she started from. In her eyes her wealth had grown and the lifestyle she was used to had gone up. In her eyes she was gaining rank but in the eyes of the actual elite she was just some little lower class fling. The women of the upper class were far above sex in their relationships, hence the reason that most of the upper class man actually had mistresses was because when an upper class woman lowered herself to sex it was frowned upon so the men needed a lower class woman to do something that was considered lower class, and Myrtle was basically a sex icon, a woman that had a perceptible vitality about her as if the nerves of her body were continually smoldering .

Tom was Myrtle s gateway in to the upper class, and Tom was a very good way in to the upper class because he was at the top of the upper class, His family were enormously wealthy and that s what Myrtle wanted to experience, the upper class life, and she wanted to have all the respect and material things that the regular upper class woman have. Of course Tom really doesn t like or respect Myrtle and she probably doesn t care because each of them are after two things. Myrtle wants the money of the upper class and Tom wants the sex that she cant get from the upper class women, Daisy to be exact.

Myrtles hopes and dreams were to be someone that she never could be a upper class woman, and of course what she wants to experience is the American dream, the nice cars the huge amounts of money and the long exotic trips around the world. Unfortunately, the beliefs that occurred in this time period were that once you were born in to a lower position in life you stayed in that class for the rest of your life and no matter what you did you couldn t get out of it.

In conclusion, Myrtle spent the whole book earning her way to the top but she never managed to make her way to the top no matter how close she got there was still a long way to climb. At the end of the book she was killed by Daisy the wife of Tom. Throughout her life she tried to climb to the peak of the upper class and in the end throughout all of her experience s of gaining entrance in to the upper class got her killed. The 1920 s were certainly a time to remember anything and everything could be bought, morals were forgotten.

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