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Coming from a family with strict rules can have its disadvantages. For my roommate, Phil, this is especially true. While he was in high school his parents controlled him and his actions immensely. For example, his dad regulates his music selection when he is home. He is not allowed to listen to music that contains vulgar language. Now that he is in college, and away from his parents, the freedom is something he is not accustomed to.

With these freedoms come many responsibilities. Such as, doing your homework and studying for tests independently. I have noticed that Phil has an extremely difficult time completing his work and spending an adequate amount of time studying for his more demanding classes. He spends a significant amount of his time on the computer, playing games and downloading songs from Napster. Although, he procrastinates his work he seems to accomplish it by the time it is due. His work ethic is continuously improving. Less time at the computer and more time studying have helped this cause enormously. His attitude, not only as a student, but also as a person has taken a new shape. He is more tolerant of irritating gestures and comments. The facetious remarks that normally accompany his reaction to these gestures have slowly vanished and are replaced with a chuckle or smirk.

Phil?s facetious attitude and computer obsession caused many people to talk malignantly about him. The year was looking down for Phil and his social life, until my computer crashed. During the time that the computer was getting repaired, Phil deserted the dungeon in our dorm room and explored the jungle just beyond our door. Everyone?s impression of him gradually evolved into an acceptance of him. Once he felt accepted, Phil was more reluctant to spend time outside the room. The social life that was rapidly headed down hill was now resurrected. The humor he brings to a conversation is enjoyed vastly by anyone in the room.

Now that he is comfortable with everyone, he is more enthusiastic about spending time outside enjoying the free facilities the campus offers with people in our dorm. One of the activities we have participated in is tennis. While we were playing Phil?s shoulder, which he has to have surgery on during spring break, popped out of the socket. He started screeching in pain and yelling, ?Ahh, shoulder!? Through his pain he managed to realign his shoulder back in the socket. Once his arm was repaired, we decided it would be wise to go back to the dorm. We sauntered back to the room; Phil?s lean lofty body was struggling through the pain in his arm, with every step. Once in the room, he put on his prized high school baseball hat to cover his sweaty light brown hair. The sweat still dripped from his face, making the blonde stubble sparkle in the fluorescent light. He rarely shaves the tiny hairs that accompany his face. Most people in our dorm shower in the morning, but Phil chooses to shower at night before he goes to bed. He claims that he can wake up later this way. So, when he awakes the only thing he has to do is wash the grease, which has collected during the night, off his face and brush the plaque and tartar off of his teeth. Before he goes to class he places his gray baseball cap, backwards, on his head. The attire he chooses to accompany his hat is casual and comfortable. According to him, ?It makes sleeping in class much easier.?

Phil is a deeply valued individual in numerous people?s lives. The absurdity he brings to a conversation can be excessive, but is usually appreciated by those who experience it. The responsibility of independent living was more than he could handle in the beginning, but his recent changes in personality and attitude have helped him to adjust reasonably. Adjustments in his attitude have opened many doors to help out his physical well-being. The acceptance of his peers has created a bond that will never be forgotten.

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