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I see myself as a quite liberal person on political, social, and economic issues. I believe the public has some duties to the government such as pay taxes. In turn, the government should fund programs to help the people who need assistance. Unfortunately, much of the American public has lost its trust in the federal government because of corruption and special interest groups. However, now we are solving many of these problems, and hopefully America will again trust Washington. Once the public puts its trust with its government without criticizing each step of the way, we will see improvements in areas such as education and health care. Through federal mandates, each person will be given the opportunity to receive quality education and health coverage.

Political Issues

I believe the federal government has an obligation to protect the rights of its people. America is a melting pot of various cultures from all different parts of the globe. These people all have different backgrounds, family environments, and experiences that affect their views on politics. Because of the diversity of its people, America accordingly has a diversity of political views. It is the duty of the federal government to protect the rights of each of these people whether they are black, white, Asian, conservative, liberal, socialist, or libertarian. The only time the federal government should violate someone’s rights is when it negatively affects the well being of others.

Social Issues

The federal government has a duty to ensure each person the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of life. Unfortunately, the federal government has left some issues to be addressed by the states and private industry. One of the biggest issues is education. Many children are forced to attend schools that have less than adequate facilities. Most of these schools are in the inner-city neighborhoods. Their suburban counterparts have much more funding and as a result, better facilities. This has caused a gap in test scores between inner-city schools and suburban schools. If the federal government stepped in and provided equal funding to all schools, this problem would be solved. Also, the federal government has stayed out of health care and left it to industry. Millions of Americans cannot afford health care, and as a result, do not receive the treatment they require. The federal government should step in and supply health care on a federal level to all modeling the Canadian system. This would reduce costs of health care and give everyone the assistance they need. There also is too much discrimination against minorities such as blacks, homosexuals, and women. The federal government needs to help ensure that each person is given a chance to lead a life comparable to that of a member of the majority. Each has the right to live a decent life, and no one can take that away.

Economic Issues

Currently too much of the money is in the hands of the elites who control industries. Too many workers receive too little pay to afford the services they need to raise families in today’s world. Big business today controls the wages and forces the workers to work its terms. The federal government should step in to ensure wages at decent levels and jobs to all people. Society should help each individual get onto his or her feet. Then each individual can return the favor and help society.

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