My Personal Art Collection


My Personal Art Collection Essay, Research Paper

Brandon Hill

My Personal Art Collection

Enclosed in my portfolio are some of my favorite and most detailed works. I chose these eight pieces, because I feel that they are the best representation of my abilities in art. Because drawing is the area in which I excel most, I have selected mostly works that display my skill in this. In addition to choosing works that demonstrate this ability, I also wanted to include my most unique pieces. All of the works are different either in color, style, mood, or subject matter.

When others view my artwork, I want them to form their own ideas and interpretations on the mood and feeling of each piece. It is very interesting to me to see the way people’s minds work when they interpret a piece of art. How someone looks at art depends on the creativity and skill of the piece. I want people to recognize my hard work and also have their own personal interpretation of each individual piece.

Art has become a very important part of my life. Although it requires countless hours and dedication, I think it is worth all the time and effort that I put forth. I cannot think of any other feeling that compares to creating something truly original and that will be yours forever. Nothing makes me feel more satisfied with myself than experimenting with art. Through art, I am able to continually astonish others, and myself with what I am capable of. The drive and motivation I have towards my artistic pursuits is what has made me realize that it is something that I want to pursue in my future as a possible career.

In closing, any helpful insight that my viewers could provide about my artwork would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reviewing my portfolio, and hopefully you will enjoy reviewing it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

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