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My Passion Essay, Research Paper

A year ago, I was confused on what career I was going to choose.

It was a very difficult decision that I had to make because it would affect the rest of my life.

I wanted to choose a career that I felt I would enjoy. Fortunately, I found my answer in two places.

Video Theory and Production was a course that helped my decision greatly. In the beginning of the course,

I was debating whether to keep the course or drop it as it was considered by many, a “bird course.”

In other words, it was course taken for its low degree of difficulty. It was placed in this category because

the school’s environment is influenced by Math and Science related careers. Video was not one of the

hardest courses but it did not mean that I did not learn anything from it. In fact, it was a course that

helped my voyage on the endless ocean of career choices. I enjoyed operating the camera, working

in a team as well as acting in front of it. Editing was another aspect of this course that was an integral

part that helped my decision. I learned how to place different scenes together with unique and artificial

effects with transitions to form a smooth screen play within a story-board.

The second catalyst towards my decision was an extracurricular group known as SAC or Student Council.

The experience in my first year as the elected secretary heightened my self-esteem. By becoming secretary,

I greatly developed my skills of leadership, communication and organization. Activities such as organizing an

assembly, or promoting events such as dances, semi-formals and formals for the student body were the events

I enjoyed the most. My previous year as a secretary was so enjoyable that I ran and fortunately, was elected

as treasurer for the 1999/2000 school year. It is as enjoyable as ever.

Video theory and production as well as being on SAC has greatly affected my decision to choose a career in

Radio and Television Arts. Both of these activities have made me realize what my passion in life was. I wanted

to be a creator of great presentations. An example would be the election assembly in the 1998/1999 school

year when I was running for treasurer. Our assembly worked such that after the introduction of the candidates

by the previous member, every candidate would have a 1:00 minute time slot for a speech. Prior to the election,

I was empty of ideas as I’ve already used up all of my self-promotional weapons. Hope struck me when I realized

that I should use a video to present the candidates running for my position at that time. I envisioned my video

presentation technique as a perfect campaigning mechanism and the results worked to my advantage because

I placed myself in the introduction of a well-known series named Dawson’s Creek as the main character. Aside’s

from winning me a lot of votes, making such videos as well as being a part of council for two consecutive years are

fantastic experiences that helped my search for myself. Radio and Television Arts is definitely a program that I would

love to get into.

It is an exciting field to get into because we are affected by both of these mediums in the world today. The School of Radio and Television Arts is my ticket to enter a world of exciting opportunities. It is also my ticket to understand and hopefully excel in the ever-changing media. The New Media aspect of the current Canadian communications industry is fascinating. As of now firms in Canada’s New Media industry produce both product development (using computer rather than traditional animation) and distribution of channels (written work distributed online instead of mailing). Such industry’s produce advanced services in areas specifically entertainment. What is important about the New Media industry is that it uses recent Canadian content and combines it with New Media such as the World Wide Web, the Internet and efficient devices such as CD ROMs. There are many opportunities that the New Media industry faces within Canada. Canadian firms have distinct advantages in media that stem from a unique mix of content, skills, technology and infrastructure. Our companies are in the forefront of developing graphics, animation and special effects software. Not only does Canada have a world class communications and information infrastructure, we are the most “wired” people on earth in terms of television, telephony and the Internet. In addition, we have outstanding educational institutions in areas such as animation and computer science. We are rated world class for creative talent in literature film and music. In order to produce a world class new media, it is crucial that Canada utilizes its abundance of human as well as recent technological resources. The Canadian government must finance the New Media industry and improve its distribution and access to the population. They must deliver services more cost-effectively to the public.

In conclusion, I would love to be a part of the School of Radio and Television Arts in Ryerson because it is my passion.

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