My Music Teachers And There Positive Influence


My Music Teachers And There Positive Influence On Me Essay, Research Paper

Were supposed to do an essay on a person who has had a positive impact on our lives but that is a big list of people. So I decided on 3 people who have all had a contribution on my life.

Music has always been in my family. Ever since I could speak I was probably singing. It has come easily to me to read music and play it on the piano or sing in different tones or rhythms. Only 3% of the world’s population are musicians but it should be more.

But the people who my essay is about are my 3 band teachers.

In grade 7 the teacher responsible for my love of the clarinet was Mr. Cesselli. He made band so much fun. He would totally get into the songs with us. He would let us have fun days I guess you could call them. He’d play his things on the piano and always be freaking out on the drums. But he also had a serious side. Yes that’s right he had tests. What teacher wouldn’t!! But the fact is that they made us know what we had to.

In grade 8 and 9 Mr. Harding was our teacher. Yes he was a jerk and band was the class people dreaded even more then math. He drilled us on everything and made the class boring. He was obviously doing something right if we won gold medals three years in a row.

Now that I’m in grade 10 the teacher is Mr. Andrews. I know i’ve only known him for a month or so but he’s already had a big impact on my life. He makes it so I want to go to band. I look forward to when I have that class. Doesn’t that sound strange a student wanting to go to a class? Any ways back to the teacher. He makes class fun and we may loose the feeling in our lips but it’s worth it. He will pick on you for doing things that were taught wrong and that are habits that are hard to break but he’s a great teacher.

Those are the people who I think have had the greatest positive impact on my life so far. I love music and don’t think will ever stop doing something in my life that has to do with it. As long as there are people who will always be there to encourage me to do what I love best. Which is through music.

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