My Motivation For Seekin Admission


My Motivation For Seekin Admission Essay, Research Paper

My inspiration to succeed has always come from within. As a child, I had the vision of becoming a star and a role model for the next generation. I applied to Emerson College because I believe it will help me fulfill those dreams.

I am a person who is driven to achieve, and help others. The adversity of living in a small town, the frustration of being different, of looking to rise above and realize my own autonomy has helped me grow. The next step in my growth is Emerson. I am also a person who has a strong connection to beauty and art. I have been able to surmount any and all tribulations, and use music as my outlet. Music for me is the manifestation of one’s own expression beyond words. Music is something that has always helped me go beyond the status quo and realize who I am and who I want to be.

Music is knowledge, which will lead me to my own meaning of life. With the help of college, experience, and my own expression I hope to gain knowledge and wisdom. College is a process (among many others), which directs me to my next move in life. It is a step that I am obliged to take to gain a wider horizon of this world. One day I hope to apply all that I have learned to reach my goals and help others.

A person is nothing without dreams. I live every day with this constant reminder written on a post-it note hidden in my wallet. It reminds me that I have a long way to go in life. I am still small and insignificant in many ways and have not yet broken free from my cocoon. The only thing I can hold onto are my dreams; to obtain internal serenity, and to become successful and proud of what I’ve made of myself- whether that be a Wall Street business woman or a small town hair dresser. As long as I can look back on life and agree with myself that I did not live the ordinary, average life -I will be happy.

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