My Holy Heroine


My Holy Heroine Essay, Research Paper

My Holy Heroine

When I think of a holy heroine, I think of my mother. What is a heroine? Everyone’s vision is somewhat different. To me, a heroine is someone who I can look up to as a role model. This is why I consider her to be my holiest heroine.

Raised in Brooklyn, my mother learned to accept what she had. Growing up, she took on many responsibilities. She coped with the fact that she was unable to live a work-free life. After funding her own education, she graduated college and married my father. Two years later she gave birth to her first daughter, me; who as I grew up, learned that I had someone on my side.

I think of my mother as someone I can trust. She is someone who I can confide in, too. My mother is my companion as well as my friend. She gives me advice to reach high for my dreams. If it seems as if I am striving, she falls along side me.

No matter when I am happy or sad, she is there to share my stories. My mother always comforts me when I am upset; she always has an anecdote for my pain. Dropping anything and everything to console me, she is always there to wipe away my tears.

In being the first to congratulate me when I have accomplished a long awaited goal, she feels as if she has gained something, too.

Although everyone?s idea of a hero is somewhat different, I believe that many people will agree that my mother is a heroine. And she will continue to hold an important place in my heart.

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