My Goal And Seback In Life


My Goal And Seback In Life Essay, Research Paper

If I asked about my goal, I would first tell about what my passions and

aspirations are. I’m interested in many areas, but one thing for sure, I have

always eager to discover many subject and seeing different things. In the short

run, I hope to study aboard in the process to learn a great deal about life and

deepening my academic understanding of International business, because it is my

main interest lies. After my graduation, I envision myself have a career at

international company, especially in consultant or banking area. In the long

run, my keen interest in International business combined with the working

experience that I will have by then, will be my stepping-stone to have my next

career goal, which is to be the president of my own company. I know it sounds

infeasible, but it doesn’t mean that I could not achieve these.

One’s say that life is like roller coaster. There are ups and downs and so is my

life. My major setback occurred during my second semester at university. Like

many young people, I was begun to question myself, had I make the right path. In

this confusion, my ego blinded me so that I believed that I could do everything

by myself, so it just me against the world. This difficult emotional feeling

became worse as I faced the most horrify experienced in my life. It happened

when I was trap on my way home when a chaos break in may in 1998. I saw with my

own eyes, people burn cars on the street, stole goods from the store, destroy

houses, and someone was robbing my money. I had to walk 45 minutes, just to get

to my uncle’s house, which was the nearest place, that I known. I was really

scared by this tragic. All of these events accumulated in my heart and made me

lose my perspective. Because of this, I wasn’t pay attention to my study, and I

wasn’t so surprised when I got my result for this semester, which was 1.95 GPA.

I knew I must to stop this entire distressful emotional if I want my life back

in the right direction. Like I said, I have my own big dreams, and I could not

achieve these if I didn’t change my paradigm to view the world. I started preys

a lot. Then I try to open with other’s support, especially from my family and

friends. During the rest of the semester at my college, I began to understand

that college is not all about me, and neither is the life. We must open our hand

for other help and I began to understand the meaning of this quotation “The

succeed of someone is not determine by how much money they can make, but how

many friends do they have”.

I’m thankful to God Each day that He gave me a chance to live in order to do

something useful and now every time I meet an obstacle, I will try to overcome

this trough hard work, my friends and family help, and have some faith, in both

God and me.

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