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Mussolini Factfile

Born in small town of Predappio in the Romagna in 1883

Son of a Catholic Schoolmistress and a blacksmith with revolutionary views

Not academic, but had strong character ? being noted for his bullying and overpowering nature

After leaving school Mousolini had a few teaching jobs in village schools

1902 Mussolini went to Switzerland, where he did odd jobs

He did read widely and was soon preaching the need for revolution

Returned to Italy in 1904 to become a journalist

His articles condemned the church and the class struggle

1910 he was editing a small Socialist weekly paper in the town of Forli

1911 he was jailed for causing trouble about the war in Libya

He moved upward through the socialist party and hen he was released from prison in 1912 he became editor of the Socialist?s newspaper “Avanti”.

His style was revolutionary and was for the use of violence in this revolution

The Socialist party condemned outbreak of WW1 and they insisted that Italy remained neutral.

November 1914 he resigned from “Avanti”, and set up another paper called “Il Popolo d?Italia” (the people of Italy)

The paper campaigned for Italy to join the war and thus Mousolini was thrown out of the Socialist party

He received financial backing from Fiat

May 1915 his writing helped to provoke riots in favour of intervention

He was conscripted into the army in 1915

Reached only rank of corporal

1917 a training accident caused him to be invalided out of the war

He returned to “Il Popolo d?Italia”

Throughout 1918 his paper sought to create a new political movement that wanted to promote nationalism and social reform

July 1918 he claimed that the paper was not socialist but instead was the “newspaper of combatants and producers”


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