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Benito Mussolini was one of the great dictators of Italy.

Mussolini was lived from 1883-1943. Mussolini started Fascism,

witch was the blck shirt milerty. Fascism spead fast over Italy.

HE was the editor of the Socialist party News Paper. Mussolini

rise to power In tribute to the postwar Milan, Mussolini and

other war vetrines founded Fasci di Combattimeto in March 1919.

The Nationalistc,antilieral, and antisocialist movement attracted

the lower and middle-class support and took its name from the

faces, an ancent Roman symble of Roman disciplen. When the

Fascist thretend to march on King Victor Emmanuel 3rd he invited

Mussolini to a coalition goverment. By this time the fascist

leader transoformed the country in to a single-party totalitarian

regime. The paryt controlled representing groups differnt

sectors of the ecomeny. The systome prevented captialism and

social sevices.

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