Murder On Elf Street


Murder On Elf Street Essay, Research Paper

The year is 1912. The so-called unsinkable ship has been lost at sea. Everyone in the States was horrified by this tragedy. This was the same night my partner and I hosted poker night at the office downtown. This was the first night McKensey had me down by five games. I was just dealt an unbelievable hand when we heard someone pounding on the door downstairs. I didn t want to leave my hand alone but I knew I had to see what was the matter from the faint cries for help. I rushed down and opened the door and was blinded by rain.

Help, there has been a murder!

Ok Mrs., just calm down and tell me what happened. She paused a moment to grasp some air.

There has been a murder at Solovon s bar!

Solovon s Bar? I exclaimed. I was just there two hours ago.

The lady quickly ran away like she had to be somewhere in a hurry. Then McKensey and I grabbed our coats to go down to the bar. As we were running out we saw two men escorting the woman that had ran away. When we finally entered the bar, we could smell the stench of death in the air. There was a large crowd around the corpse.

Everyone get back! I had to keep the scene like it was so I could gather clues and evidence. I told McKensey to start dusting for prints and mark off the area around the body while I interviewed people. I first ordered everyone to stay inside the bar until I was finished gathering reports. First I went to the barkeeper to ask him questions. Okay Solovon, what in the hell happened here?

I didn t see anything! The storm caused a blackout in the bar.

Well did you here anything here at all?

All I could here was these drunk people yelling and cursing at the storm for making them miss radio broadcast of the baseball game.

How long exactly was the electricity off?

It was only out for one minute until I flipped the circuit breaker back on.

Well tell me what this man was doing before the power went out.

I have no idea. Solovon said in a blunt way. People come and go in here all the time I can t keep track of everyone in this Bar.

Ok I will come talk to you later. I went over to see what McKensey had found so far. He told me that for some reason his body temperature was unusually low. He has found the five stab marks in his gut and his chest. There had to be someone here who was standing near when the power went out. There was a man in the corner weeping but trying not to show it. I approached the man and asked. Was this a friend of yours?

The man had to gain his exposure. I worked with him at the mill outside of town we were just starting become friends.

Where you standing around that pool table during the blackout? I asked.

Yes as a matter off fact I was playing on that table right before the lights shut off.

Did you see or here anything at all?

No I never even noticed him come in.

Did he ever tell you of anybody that was mad at him or had any fights before this night?

He never mentioned anything to me. Well there was one thing. During work sometimes these guys would come in and yell he owed them money.

Do you know any of their names or are they in here now?

I have no idea what their names were. I would have seen them come in if they were here they would have let there presence been known.

Ok thanks I will get back to you later. I told everyone they could leave now after McKensey got their name and address. The barkeep stayed around while we gathered more clues. I asked to see the fuse box to see exactly what went on. I discovered the box is the same fuse box as ours. Which is odd because or power never went out in the office. So the body was taken by forensics. The fingerprints McKensey took were also sent to the lab.

I knew what we had to do. The guilty always comes back to the scene of the crime. So my partner and I staked out the bar from across the street. It was three hours until we saw any action. The same lady that knocked on my door had showed up there. I couldn t figure it out, why was she here? It also seemed like she was crying for some reason. I saw April in forensics coming towards our car. It looked like she had some news.

Hey are you sure this body was killed just seven hours ago? She asked.

Well yes

Because according to my autopsy he has been dead for nearly twenty hours.

Of course. I said. It is all coming together now. McKensey was still confused.

How is it all clear? He inquired.

Remember nobody even saw him that night. The body was cold like he had been dead for a while. And the fuse box never went out by the storm. Someone must have flipped it off from the box. They then dumped the body there while everyone was in panic of the power outage.

I approached the lady then two men came running at me while the R.S.P.D was right around the corner. The two men turned out to be the guys that were trying to gather money from the guy. The lady thanked us for capturing these guys. They had forced her to be the person to tell us of the murder. Since she had witnessed when the crime really took place.

Well McKensey all in a days work.

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