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I have chosen to write my essay on comparison and contrast by writing about two sports I enjoy to compete at: crew and mountain biking. I have been racing crew boats since the spring of 1997. I began racing mountain bikes the following spring of 1998. I plan to point out similarities and differences in the two sports. I hope to prove even thought the two sports are quite different they benefit each other. I also hope to teach you things that probably don?t know about each sport.

In crew it is all about teamwork the boat is only as fast as the slowest rower. But in mountain biking you are as fast as you train to be. Training for crew has to be at a time when all the rowers can practice together. In mountain biking the rider can work training into his or her schedule. Both sports take a lot of discipline to become good at. The most important muscle to both athletes is their legs especially the quadriceps.

An average crew race lasts between five to seven minutes whereas a mountain bike race usually last between two to three hours. In a crew race it is all out hard as the rowers can go for five minutes. Unlike a mountain bike race where the riders push hard for a couple minutes then rest waiting for that perfect time to make an another charge. Both sports require a very good aerobic base. Mountain bike race take place in the woods on single-track trails. Although crew races usually take place on open waterways.

I think that I have shown many points of difference, along with some points of similarity. I believe also that I have proven my point that the two sports benefit each other. By participating in both sports it has made me a better well-rounded athlete. I also try to switch back and forth to keep from getting burned out on just one. I hope that this essay has enlightened your view of both sports.

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