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Tale" 10-12 year

oldsKing Arthur lay badly wounded.? All around him his knights were falling to

the ground, he could hear the noise of battle, he knew it was all over, would

he die or would he live to fight another day? ?????? King

Arthur’s wound was deep.? He knew it was

just a matter of time before he died.?

Then, out of nowhere came the bold Sir Bedivere, the only knight that

had survived the brutal battle, lifted him off the ground, carried him to a

church near the battlefield, and rested him on the most sacred part of the

church, the chapel.? He lay next to the

ocean and there was a bright full moon, it was so peaceful, you would never

have known what had been on just a few miles away. ?????? King

Arthur said to Sir Bedivere, ??????

"This day is the saddest day in my life."? All his knights perishing, no longer friends

because they had died in battle.? King

Arthur said to Sir Bedivere, ??????

"Without help I will not be able to last the night."? ?????? He

told Sir Bedivere to take Excaliber.?

This was a magical sword with precious jewels encrusted in the

handle.? King Arthur said, ??????

"Take the sword, which has been my pride and joy for many

years.? I got the sword years ago when a

hand dressed in white silk rised from the middle of the lake with this

magnificent sword, I was so taken by this that I rowed to the middle of the

lake and took the sword from the graceful hand.? But now go to the lake quickly and fling it into the middle of

the lake, watch it and tell me exactly what happens and report back

immediately."? Sir Bedivere was

astounded by this story.? Sir Bedivere

said, ??????

"I can’t leave you on your own in your condition my lord, a little

thing may harm a wounded man."? ?????? Even

though he said this, he realised that he must go and said to the king, ??????

"I will go and throw the sword in the lake and report back as soon

as possible my lord." ?????? Sir

Bedivere made his way down to the lake through crags of rock and dead

knights.? The nights were scattered around

the battlefield like snow covering the ground; you could not see the

ground.? When he finally got to the edge

of the lake he lifted the sword above his head in preparation of throwing it

when he was almost hypnotised by the magic sparkle of the precious jewels that

were on the magic sword.? He then had

second thoughts about throwing it in the lake because of the sheer beauty of

this magic sword.? The jewels encrusted

in the handle were truly magnificent, it also had this special aura about it

which he had never felt before in his life. He then thought that he should protect the sword

because of its extraordinary beauty.? So

he hid it in the rushes by the edge of the lake to try and keep the sword

because he could never have imagined anyone wanting to get rid of this

exquisite sword.? He then pondered back

at a pace a snail would be ashamed of, wondering if he had done the right thing

and if he should tell the king the truth.?

?????? When

Sir Bedivere returned, King Arthur asked immediately, ?????? "What

have you seen or what have you heard?"?

Sir Bedivere said uncertainly, ??????

"I heard the ripple washing in the reeds, and the wild water

lapping on the crag."? King Arthur

replied, ??????

"How dare you lie to your king, hang your head in shame.? But there is no time to discipline you, so,

quickly go again and get rid of the sword and come back and tell me what you

see and hear."? ?????? Once

again Sir Bedivere made his way down to the edge of the lake and could not

believe that King Arthur wanted this.?

He thought that maybe King Arthur was so sick that he might not know

what he is saying and that he in fact does not want to get rid of the sword and

will regret it if he recovers.? He

believed he was doing King Arthur a favour by hiding the sword and lying to him

rather than obeying him and throwing the sword in the lake.? So Sir Bedivere, clouded by his own conceit

hid the sword again and wondered back to the king.? ?????? The

king once again asked what he had seen or heard and again said to the king, ??????

"I heard the water lapping on the crag, and the long ripple washing

in the reeds."? When the king heard

this he was incensed with anger, he could not believe his faithful night had

lied to him the second time.? King

Arthur said to him, ?????? "If

you fail to do what I ask you to do the third time, I will slay you!" Sir

Bedivere now realised that the king was serious.? Surely the king would not have the energy to slay him, but he

could take no risks.? Once again Sir

Bedivere made his way down to the lake at a fast pace and immediately without

any hesitation, with his eyes closed, threw the sword into the middle of the

lake.? When he looked, expecting the

sword to be underwater, an arm came out the water, clothed in white silk and

caught the sword in mid flight.? The arm

brandished the sword three times and took it under the water.? Sir Bedivere could hardly believe his noble

eyes.? Sir Bedivere came back to the

king and the king asked if he had seen or heard anything.? He told him what he had seen and heard.? He told him all about the arm coming out the

water and the "Lady of the lake," as he put it. She waved the sword

in the air three times and took it back under the water.? King Arthur knew he had told the truth

because that is what happened when King Arthur found the sword.? He was pleased with this and realised that

at least Sir Bedivere had respect for him.?

Now, with his last ounce of strength, said to Sir Bedivere, ??????

"The end of my life is drawing near, it is time that I were

gone.? Get ready to carry me to the edge

of the lake because I fear my wound is too deep and I shall die."? Sir Bedivere carried him down to the lake,

carrying him on his shoulders.? He

rushed him down, as he knew he didn’t have much time left.? He found it difficult to run on this

slippery rock and was in danger of falling. ?????? When

they got to the side of the lake a dusky barge moved towards them, it was as

dark as a funeral scarf.? The people on

the barge were wearing black shoals.?

They were three queens with gold crowns on their head.? They let out a piercing cry that could have

been heard miles around.? They almost

sounded like cries of grief and pain.?

King Arthur murmured to Sir Bedivere, ??????

"Place me in the barge."?

Sir Bedivere brought him closer to the barge and the three queens put

out their hands, took the king and cried.?

The tallest queen rested the Kings head on her lap, took off his

shattered helmet and rubbed his hands.?

While doing this she was saying his name, ??????

"Arthur, Arthur."? And tears

dripped onto Arthur’s forehead, washing away the blood that covered his

face.? So there lay the king, not the

king he once was, on his last breaths.?

He was pale and weak, he could hardly speak.? Sir Bedivere was confused and cried loudly, ??????

"My Lord where shall I go, what shall I do, now I am not a

knight.? The whole round table had gone

and I am going to be a stranger to the world!"? King Arthur is moved by this, but cannot help him.? Arthur said, "But now farewell, I am

going along way to the island of Avilion, where there is no hail, rain or

snow.? The wind never blows loudly.? There are meadows and orchard lawns, this is

where I will heal my wounds." ?????? The

barge then started to pull away from the edge of the lake.? The Queens were singing this mournful tune

when the barge was pulling away from the shore. While Sir Bedivere stood there,

thinking of the many good memories they had together.? He was distraught and thought if he could have done anything else

to help him.1,428 Words


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