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The Internet has revolutionized our era and in order to hook up to the net, the primary device required is a modem. A modem is a phone line that connects to the computer and can serve as multiple purposes; however. The most well known purpose for a modem is for the Internet. Most people think that installing a modem is a complex feat. Though In reality, it is really not. Installing a modem consists of two major parts and if I can learn these easy steps than anyone can.

The first major step to installing a modem is the collection of all the tools. To commence, you should go to an electronics store and purchase a modem. I personally recommend going to Best Buy or Comp USA. The technology so far has authorized the modem speed to go from 28.8k all the way to 56k and, of course, the higher the speed is the higher the price. Decent quality 56k modems usually range from somewhere between $110 to $130 dollars. I prefer getting a higher quality modem, for it will last longer. Anyway, at the store ask the employee to direct you to the aisle of the modems. After inquiring all the modems, pick the one you like best. You also can ask the employees for their opinion. After purchasing the modem, you will then need a Phillips screw driver. Go to any tool store to acquire this item. Most computers use Phillips screwdriver, but if you have one of those generic computer that sometimes use a flat head, then you should purchase one of those. You now have all the necessary materials needed to start the installation.

The next major step to installing a modem is to secure it inside the computer and prepare it for use. Before actually starting, make sure the power of the computer is turned off and that it isn t plugged in. if the computer had been left on, turn it off, unplug it, and wait a few minutes. This will cause the circuits inside the computer to discharge their electricity. After this step is completed, the next step is to open the computer. If you have a desktop model, there the monitor is on top of the computer, you will have to remove the monitor so it won t be on top of the computer. If you have a tower model, then the previous step is not for you. In every computer, in order for you to remove the top steel layer, you will have to press and hold some kind of button or flap, it all depends on the type of computer you have. During this whole process of removing the steel covering, the button must be pressed and held. So find the button, hold it, and while doing this, pull the cover towards you and it should easily slide off. After this step is completed, you should now be able to see the inside of the computer. Take a minute to view everything and how it looks. As you are looking inside, also take a look at the back of the computer and you will see slots. Some of the slots might be used up for one device or another such as sound cards or TV tuners. However, some slots should still remain. These slots are called COM ports. Usually computers come with 3 or 4 COM ports. If the COM port is unoccupied it will have a covering over it. a number designates every COM port. The top COM port is number one, the next one to the bottom is number two and so on. The next step is to pick a COM port which is not already occupied. I suggest picking the first port from the top that is vacant. For example, let s say the COM port number 1 and 2 are already occupied, you will then want to pick COM port number 3 and save number 4 for later. So pick an unused COM port and count the number from the top. Let s say you have picked COM port 3, since that is the next port which is unused. Remember this number, as you will have to use it later on. The modem is placed on the other side of the COM port you have selected. Suppose you have picked COM port 3, you will then have to look at the other side of the port 3, which, obviously, is inside the computer which is where the modem goes. Take the screwdriver, and unscrew the covering of the COM port that you chose. Next, as you open the package of the modem, you will find booklets, a few disks and, of course, the actual modem. The modem will be a rectangle shape. As you look, you will notice gold lines on one of the longer sides of the modem, and on one of the shorter sides, you will find an attached cover similar to the one you have just removed with the screwdriver. Turn the modem so the side with the covering is away from you and you will find that the long side with the gold lines will automatically be on your right. Lower the modem inside the computer to the spot on the other side of whichever COM port you chose earlier and position the modem covering right where the old covering was. As you lower the modem to the COM port, you will see that it does not fit entirely. This is because the right side of the modem with the gold lines needs to be nudged inside in a special place, which, if you have positioned the modem correctly, will be right next to the gold lines. Slide the gold lines in the specially designed area with some force. You might have to nudge it a little to get it in correctly, but this shouldn t be a problem. After this, you will then see that the modem is correctly placed and is now supported by the special area which you have just placed it into. Place the screws back into the covering, which is now with the modem. As stated before, the covering which you had removed and the covering which is with the modem are very similar, so the screws should fit. After the completion of this step, you will now see that the modem is secured properly. Place the steel computer covering back to the sliding position. Instead of pulling the covering toward you, this time, gently push the cover away from you so it will slide back over the computer. The bottom on the steel covering however, does not need to be pressed this time. Next look at the back of the computer to find two phone jacks on the COM port to which you have installed the modem. One of the phone jacks will say line and the other will say phone . Obtain a phone line and insert one end inside the jack that says, line on it. The other end of the phone line should go into the wall jack in your house. If you had to disconnect one of your phones to do this, do not worry. By placing the end of the line which you removed from the wall into the jack on the back of the computer which says phone , and if everything went correctly, you should hear a dial tone if you pick up the phone. Upon completion of this step, no other hardware work is required.

Once finished with the hardware work, all you have to do now is simply plug all the computer plugs back in, and if you had a desktop model, place the monitor back on top of the computer. Next, turn the computer and monitor on. You are now ready to use your new modem.

Ninety nine percent of the computers today are equipped with modems. Modems have refined the computer technology and will be a great use to everyone, both now as will as in the future. That is why it is a must for one to have a conceptual familiarity with them. All in all, with the steps mentioned above, one will find that installing a modem is not as hard as it seems and that knowing this procedure will be a great benefit.

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