Misfortunes Make You Finally Learn


Misfortunes Make You Finally Learn Essay, Research Paper

Misfortunes make you finally learn.

Teenagers tend to want more liberty and want to move out of their parent s house, when they eventually do that they end up hating it because it did not met their expectations. When people are young and immature they make decisions, due to a certain lust or desire, which they latter on regret. Urging too much for something sometimes causes for you to take your distractions off the consequences, because you do not see them. These ignorant people will become understanding as they mature, and realize that some things in life our not quite as easy as they seem. The Chaser, by John Collier shows how some people who are urging for things such as love, are so single minded that they ignore all other consequences and concerns. The bad affects that might occur are neglected and left for the future to make them dwell on the awful decisions.

Alan Austen the main character has desires and craves for affection, which he must attain. He plans to purchase a love potion from an old man to satisfy his wants of Diana s attention. The old man warns him before handing him the potion saying, She will be afraid of the pretty girls you may meet. She will want to know all you do. All that has happened to you during the day. Every word of it. She will want to know what you are thinking about. This quote explains the feeling the girl will have once taken the potion. She will be greatly obsessive, wanting to know every little thing not trusting him. The boy is still ignorant all he can seem to care is about the love potion saying such things as, But the love potion. Alan is not at all precautions and wondering the bad affects. The old man who is much wiser and mature knows that the boy will eventually be overwhelmed with agony for his senseless action and return.

The old man said In the end. In the end will be after all the grieves which the old man knows he will go through, because of the wife s obsession. He will come back because of the miseries he experienced in the end. Then he will purchase the glove cleaner, which would be described as, Imperceptible to any known autopsy. He will separate himself from her by killing her to ease the pain. This is why the old man says, Au revior, meaning see you later which the old man knows will eventually occur.

Alan will come back for the glove cleaner, to soothe the bad times he went through for the love potion. This relates to the title, The Chaser. A chaser is an alcoholic beverage you take after another strong liquor drink to make it go down better. This relates to the love potion, which will cause him to take the glove cleaner to take the misery from the first potion drift away. So the chaser is the glove cleaner.

This young boy named Alan from the short story represents all those ignorant people who don t prepare for the unknown and sometimes confuse reality. He confused reality trying to grasp a dream that he will eventually find out can never come true. The Chaser, depicts consequences to those things that are trying to be achieved the wrong way. A neglective s boy consequences are paid heavily, and he will have to kill his obsessive wife in response.

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