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Music, science, nature, and games have all developed through out the

past millennium. It has been a thousand year of innovation, invention, and

excitement. Looking back on the last millennium makes my hopes for the new

millennium even greater. By seeing all that has already happened, I wonder

what else can happen. I think about what just about everything will be like in

the new millennium, but most of alI, I think of what new adventures my life

will bring to me.

In the new millennium I am hoping to graduate high school and go on

to college. In college I wish to continue playing soccer and study in the fields

of medicine and foreign languages. After graduating, I would like to keep

going onto medical school. My fields of choice would either be physical

therapy or orthopedics. That way I would still be involved in sports, although

it is unlikely I will be playing them.

Getting a job would be my next challenge. I would love to be a doctor

and help out other people. It would not just be a job that would make me

money, but it would make me happy. I would try to find a job around this

area so I could stay close to my family. Staying close to my family would also

be good when I decided to start a family of my own. I would like to have a

wife and two or three kids. I think it would be important for my children to,

not only stay close to their immediate family, but stay close to their extended

family also.

I would love to watch my kids grow up and I would try to raise them

as well as I was. Seeing them succeed: graduating high school, going through

college, and watching them as they accomplished their goals would be very

fulfilling to me. I would like to see them start families too, and I would love

to be part of my grandchildren’s lives. Then, at about the age of 65, I would

like to retire. I would travel all around the world and eat out al the time. I

would have as much fun as I possibly could.

While my life is going on so will the rest of the world. Throughout the

world technology, science and everything else will be advancing. In the world

o computers, everything will probably be revolving around them. All business

will be on the internet, the computer will be able to respond to you, and

nowhere will computers not be the center of attention. Space exploration will

go to new, unexplored places. People will walk on the mars and maybe even

find intelligent life outside of earth. Music and entertainment will never stop

changing, but who knows what will come of them. Everything will change in

the next millennium. Who knows what will become of the world, but I am

looking forward to seeing what happens, with the world and me.


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