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Experiment Aims to Get Real Men to Go to the Doctor

This article from the New York Times explains men not admitting their sick or hurt. The men which were tested in this article men would ignore their aches and pains, mental and physical, until it is too late. I think that it is true that some men are afraid to look ?wimpy? or be called. It is mostly happens with men who are used to being the main person in the house.

Well most of the things I learned I already knew. The only thing I didn?t know it was so many people. A thing that also happens some men get a check up every 16 years ago. Some men also don?t tell their wife because they try to be considerate. Men stay quite because they might not feel in power with being with a doctor.

My opinion on this article is very important because I am a guy. I think that men don?t tell their wife or admit they are hurt or sick is because some guys don’t want to pay a doctors bill. Personally they might not feel in power. I think that men are just cowards if they are not admitting they are sick. If a man is ill or hurt he should tell his partner. If a man does not admit he is sick he be selfish to his health.

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