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, Members of the Faculty, Administrators, Family, Friends, and most especially, myfellow graduates. I’d like to begin by pointing out that this ceremony celebrates elements that are both verynew and very old. Sitting on this hihg profile football field, we are reminded of mchs s’growth, potential and future. Dressed in these rather peculiar costumes, long black gownsand pointy boards with swaying tasses for hats, we experience traditions which have longcelebrated the completion of academic programs. Each of us is also celebrating new and old elements in our own lives. None of us isexactly the same as that first day we came to this school. Yet there is much within eachof us that has held steady throughout the years. In being here today we announce to theworld that we have cherished an education based upon solid values. Not all of us canname those values precisely, but we know they have been operating in our lives. As I look out on the 300 individuals who make up the graduating class of 2000, I seemany friends I made during these past four years. I shared so many laughs, tears, hopesand fears with them. They were there when I took on my first part in the musical , to thefirst party at my house. They were there when my life as a extra in the play seemedalmost unbearable. They were there as we tried to take over hte world. They were thereduring exams and papers and big decisions for females. They have been with me in thelast few weeks as my career plans shifted and as I was rewarded with the challenge ofcreating this address. Thank you all for helping me keep my head above water when Ithought I would drown. And thank you for helping me celebrate the moments when I feltconfident and happy.

But as I take a second look I see I don t know alot of you. But thats ok your greatanyway.Still we all share many of the same experiences: family and friends who supported us,moment of triumph, moment of pain, moments when it was all working, and momentswhen nothing was working. For all of us mchs has made a difference. We might have shared a cheer for our mchs basketball or football teams. We might haveshared tears at a youth Retreat. We might have traveled onto the plains or more like intothe hills together at the clay city golf course. Or that time someone urinated on my tableand friends.It is experiences like these which have taught me the meaning of mchs indian values:faith, knowledge, fidelity, wisdom, justice, and association. These values have all beenmade real for me by friends, family, teachers and mentors. . But now we are here in a moment of celebration. Today we are not only high schoolgraduates, more significantly, we are mchs graduates. The lessons from or textbooks havebeen complemented in those who have urged us to be caring persons, committed to theimprovement of the world. We, the members of this graduating class, will serve theworld as nurses, teachers, pilots, lawyers, mechanics, police officers, drunkards,professors, researchers, doctors, and much more. We take different roads but our journeyis joined in the indian values of this school which challenge us to be compassionate andcaring persons. So congratulations to us all: graduates and all who have supported us on the road thus far.Let us continue to make our families proud, let us continue to be signs of the valuededucation we received at Lewis, let us continue to honor a tradition of faith that asks usto act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our god.

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