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Was it really fair to take peoples rights away from them, throw them into camps that were not adequate, and not give them their rights? To top it all off it was unconstitutional. Well let’s look at it from a standpoint of The United States Naitonal Government. It was a possible security risk of having Japanese and Japanese Americans in the United States at that time. The Americans didn’t know if what happen to Pearl Harbor could happen to any where else in the U.S. at that time. If you look at what happen to Papa he was detainded and arrested for supplied the Japanese submarines with oil. The family was uprooted without warning or notice and was forced to move.

This is all a result of an action that caused the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor. This caused a national frenzy among the United States Government and the American people. To calm everyones nerves they went and did the unspeakable. They went to Hiroshima and droped an Atomic bomb. In the process killing many of these Japanese and Japanese American families that lived in those cities where the Atomic bomb was dropped.

The Government had a somewhat of a right to put them in those camps but on the other hand they shouldn’t have put them in the camps. If these Japanese and Japanese Americans pose a certain thereat then by all means do what is necessary for national security. Considering all the possibilities of weather it was constitutional or not the action of the United States Government was somewhat justified.

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