Magic Fairies


Magic Fairies Essay, Research Paper

This very musical and emotional piece of music is about two fairies that have fallen in love, but go through the most difficult and joyous times with each other. M. 1-9 A large group of fairies flew through the magical forest to go hear what the king fairy s important announcement was. M. 9-28 Majestic music began to play as the king fairy came out of his castle tree to tell the other fairies the important news. The news was about how the humans were going to start tearing down their forest, and so the king fairy asked for some brave men fairies to become soldier fairies. M. 28-43 Even though this would be a tough battle, many brave men fairies stepped forward to become soldier fairies, including Lilly s loved one Tully. M. 43-57 After hearing the stressful news all the fairies decided to relax and cool off in the pond under the blazing sun. They all fluttered about happily splashing each other. M. 57-67 Lilly and Tully soon took off on their own through the forest to be alone. M. 67-91 Lilly and Tully began to say their good-bye s to each other before Tully went off to fight the humans. M. 91-101 The brave soldier fairies began to head out to go stop the humans from destroying their forest. M. 101-112 When the soldier fairies got to the battle sight; the humans had already begun to cut down trees. The trees just kept falling down continuously. And a few of the soldier fairies did not make it through the battle. There was no way that the fairies were going to defeat the humans, so they went back to the fairy kingdom. M. 112-116 All the lady fairies were all waiting anxiously as their men fairies flew in from battle. But soon many of the lady fairies found out that their men fairies didn t survive. Amongst these lady fairies was Lilly. M. 116-125 A few hours after the soldier fairies came home, a fairy came flying back by himself. It was Tully! He supposedly stayed behind and fought off all of the humans. Tully was now a hero. Lilly was so grateful for him to be back. Her and Tully then went off to their favorite place in the forest to be alone. M. 125-129 Lilly sang a sweet song to Tully to show how much she loved him. M. 129-168 All the fairies took on a great celebration for they now knew that their kingdom was saved. M. 168-end The king presented Tully with a great reward for being a hero and fighting off the humans. The kingdom of the fairies will now remain a happy place.

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