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Dear fellow Jews,Louis Farrakhan is a powerful Islamic leader in America, famous for being the Messiah of hope and the minister of hate. Being the Messiah of hope, he emphasised the interest to end human suffering. He addressed a powerful message of solidarity and self help that inspired one million African American throughout USA – a step towards solving crime, drug addiction, broken families and other disorders in the community. But as the minister of hate, he shows another side of his face by declaring his interest in hatred and human suffering. He publicly said, borrowing a bit of Hitler s aura that Jews are “blood suckers”, Judaism is a “gutter religion” and Hitler was a “wickedly great man”. In his campaign not only is Judaism bigoted but almost every human being in the world regardless of race or national origin, poor whites, rich whites, even African Americans who are not of the Nation of Islam. This incompetent behaviour, as you know, indicates that his ego, arrogance and tunnel vision has blinded his perception of reality. We are hurt and simply cannot forget his unpleasant remarks about Jewish people with his long and destructive history of bigotry and anti-Semitism. “Not another Hitler!” A fellow Jewish said. Of course, people are still guessing at what went on in the mind of great killers and murderers of this century like Hitler, not like Farrakhan who only extent himself to words. But I personally think that The Federal Government was right to allow his visit. Why then did the Federal Government give credibility and weight to a purveyor of hatred? Banning Farrakhan is not the appropriate way to deal with this racist orator because this means that we would forfeit freedom of speech which is a significant element of Australia s democratic tradition. When your ears are red hot with Farrakhan s words at least keep your mind cool! People put labels on Farrakhan and never say they have studied the man. They have been privy to reports and now have become “Farrakhan Experts”. That s what made some of us blind, deaf and dumb. Farrakhan is an example of course! Our experience with the honourable Louis Farrakhan gives us a unique advantage when it comes to relying upon information about him. If someone met the man and came away with a positive experience, then related that experience to us, then don t you owe yourself at least to study what he s saying! Hitler was an enemy to Jews, but Jews study him. Since countless people in the world have a unique view of this man, why not strive for the same view? We know it s something you and many others refuse to acknowledge. Then surely in the spirit of dialogue, that Jews can sit an talk with Farrakhan!

There s no suggestion that the Farrakhan organisation is involved with terrorism or criminal activity. Australia s laws about crime and libel, are enough protection to prevent the voicing of racism and bigotry in the multicultural society. If Farrakhan does tour to Australia, he will be subject to our laws of defamation and libel. Should he break them he may be charged and if convicted he could be refused entry in the future.As the Federal Government allows his visit, we will have the chance to silence him, by way of ridicule, debate, and reason. Values of tolerance, mutual respect and freedom of religion are too precious to defend. In Australia so many people are working so hard to fight racism and we are trying to build unity with the various multicultural groups in this country, whereas Farrakhan is a divisive element. Racism and vendetta haven t got a place in people s hearts. God only knows, the reward such destructive people deserve in the afterlife.

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