Lotteries Essay, Research Paper

Many states in the United States have

lotteries in which a person may win a million

dollars or even more. What would be the

advantages of winning a million dollars? Would

there be disadvantvantages?

Yes. There would be some advantages to

winning the lottery. You could buy a lot of stuff,

and everything. But actually there are probably

more disadvantages. I mean, how good are the

chances that you would actually win. Probably

very small. It would take a lot of time and money,

and I don t see where it is really worth it. It can

be very easy to get addicted. I really don t think

that it is worth it to spend hundreds of dollars just

to win the lottery, but if you can control it and not

get addicted I think that it is fine. Just as long as

you do it for fun. I mean, yea… winning a lot of

money would be great. But in the long run I think

that it would be better to just not get involved in

the lottery or gambling of any kind. I have seen

the effects of gambling addiction, and really it is

not worth it. It can get very bad, mentally and

financially. Especially if a little bit of therapy

doesn t work. It is not good at all to have to be

hospitalized because you can t control the urge

to play the lottery, because that is gambling,

because there is no guarantee that you will win.

So in my opinion, I think that the disadvantages

outweigh the advantages. Winning the lottery

can mostly lead to addiction, and addiction leads

to trouble.

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