Lost At Sea


Lost At Sea Essay, Research Paper

Day 1

Grog and me have mysteriously appeared on a strange island today. We wondered why for a bit, then we forgot about it. The weather was cloudy. The first thing we did was use our knife to make a wooden spear. Then I went and gathered some sticks as Grog tried to catch fish in the stream that was nearby where we appeared. Eventually Grog caught a fish, but we couldn?t light a fire, so we ate the fish raw.

Day 2

Yet another cloudy day here. We tried to make a raft but we couldn?t get any large logs. Grog went to explore the island while I tried to catch fish. He came back about 1 ? hours later then told me that there was no place to hide or no way to get off this island. Eventually I caught a fish but, again, we could not light a fire. So, again, we had raw fish.

Day 3

We had to make a new spear as the first one was now broken, while Grog did that, I went to see if there was any other source of food on this island, but while I was looking, I found some flint! Although I didn?t see many other animals, I didn?t really care. I went back to our makeshift camp and told Grog about my discovery. He was just as pleased as I was, and that night we thoroughly enjoyed our cooked fish.

Day 4

It rained heavily today. It started right after sunrise and did not quit the entire day. Unfortunately for whatever reason, we could not catch a fish. So we went out to kill one of the small animals on the island. But they had all hid from the rain. The rain was so heavy that we couldn?t light a fire. It was miserable for us today.

Day 5

Woke up in the middle of the night sliding away in the heavy mud. When it was finally bright enough to see, Grog and I had discovered that our ?camp? had washed away and almost took us with it! We began rebuilding as soon as we could; about mid-day it was raining light enough for us to work adequately well, seeing that we hadn?t eaten for a day and a half now. We rebuilt our camp about 500 feet up the stream. Afterwards we both tried to catch some fish but we could not despite our best efforts.

Day 6

We did very little today seeing that we were quite hungry. We could not light a fire to keep warm because the sticks were still too wet. Luckily it was not raining anymore. We both hunted for fish but, again, we could not catch any.

Day 7

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling quite hungry. Yet, thank all the deities, we caught a small fish. Grog and I ate ravenously. So, after feeling like I had more energy, I went to explore the interior of the island some more. Amazingly I found a small cave just big enough to get into, but on the inside there were 2 generously sized caverns that would allow both of us to sleep in it. Almost immediately after I told Grog about the cave, he caught another fish! I started to think that we might not die here after all.


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