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Informative Essay ?The Real Problem with People.?

Are they believers or are they liars? This is one of many questions that stir in my head everyday waiting for an answer that may never come. After attending many churches and talking to many people that I find as reliable source including pastors and attendants, I find that many of the young people that attend church go because they would feel they would be an outcast if they didn?t attend church. They aren?t really free to go to church and believe like they should. They are haunted by the reminder that if you don?t go then you will be put out of the ?POPULAR? groups. Some young people go to church and sit and pretend to learn what the teachers are trying to teach, they simply go to church to fit in with society instead of worshipping the religion they are supposed to be a part. It bothers me when young people sit and listen to what the preacher, pastor or whoever is up talking to them and then go home and remember nothing of what that person said to them that day. I find it more than a little disturbing to people that say they are believers can?t even sprout out even one line of their holy book.

There is a large amount of people that go to church and they are believers. There is also an increasing amount of people that go to church just so that they can say that they worship some sort of faith so that they can fit into a social group they want to be a part of. I know a pastor that I spoke with recently that said that there are a large amount of young people that go to church on Sunday and he has found that a large number of those people go home bury the thoughts he expressed that day. He said a lot of the time he can drive around town and find so of the people that attend the church he serves and see them doing things that just aren?t expectable to him or the faith that those people belong to. I talking to some of my friends that are very strong believers some of them say they hate to go to church because they get mad because there are people that go that defy the teachings that they receiving at church.

Young people need to look at what they learn in church and need to look at what they do in their lives. If there is some sort of afterlife and you have to believe in a god of some sort to get into that heaven then many young people are going to be left to go nowhere because of their lack of faith. There is a very large amount of young people that just do care about what will happen to them when they die. Preachers, Pastors, and other religious informers try to help these young people understand what is going to happen to them when they die and the young people just ignore them and do what they want. Young people don?t think about what they want to happen to them when they die because they think that dying is so far away that they have time to think of it later. It upsets people that believe in their faith and people go to church and worship and don?t follow through on what they have in a way promise to god what they will do.

The truth is that life is to short to ponder things for to long, so young people don?t ponder about it at all until their old and dying. You either believe or you don?t believe, if you do go to church and be happy with your decisions and leave those that not believe alone. If you don?t believe then don?t go to church and waste your and their time, join the vast minority of people that don?t believe and admit it and leave the churchgoers alone.

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