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1. Imagery

Imagery is one of the main techniques used through out Waiting for Godot. The first image that appears is a tree. This simple tree in the middle of a desolate setting alludes to many symbols. To start, the tree represents the Tree of Knowledge, for it creates a reverse Garden of Eden. Also, Vladimir and Estragon reflect upon the tree as good and evil, for they discuss hanging themselves from it and later seek refuge behind it.

The tree also represents the Tree of Life, for it buds, and grows leaves in a lifeless surrounding. At the same time, the tree growing leaves represents the passage of time, proving that the days may never change, but time will always move forward. This growth discards any thoughts of a stagnant universe and offers hope that Godot will one day come.

Another image is the blindness of Pozo, which serves to represent man’s own blindness towards the future. A third image is that of the messenger boy. The young boy, who comes directly from Godot represents the state of Heaven, innocent and eternally happy.

2. Inversion

Inversion is another technique that is used in Waiting for Godot. Inversion involves changing the subject into the predicate. In this case Beckett wanted to show men as animals, show he portrayed lucky as nothing but a mule on a leash.

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