Lincoln’s Legacy Essay, Research Paper

Lincoln’s Legacy

A legacy is something that is passed down from a predecessor. Lincoln’s

legacy is the teachings that he had wanted all of us, as American citizens, to

live by. In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln explained what our

responsibilities as American citizens are. His concepts tie all off U.S.

history together and aid the prosperity of our country.

In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln stated that all men are created equal.

He was restating the beliefs of Thomas Jefferson when Jefferson wrote the

Declaration of Independence. Lincoln was trying to explain to us that unity

plays a major role in our lives. Just as Jefferson stated many years

previously, we must treat all men as our brothers in order to keep the

American society united.

Lincoln also stated that a great civil war is something that is very

difficult for a nation to endure. The Constitution states that we must create

and maintain a more perfect union. That is impossible when we are fighting

against ourselves. Lincoln said that “A house divided against itself can not

stand.” This is what James Madison, “the father of the constitution,” meant in

the constitution. We must compromise to solve our disagreements and keep our

country together.

The idea that many men had died for our country and that we should not

forget them was strongly emphasized in he Gettysburg Address. In the Bill of

Rights it is conveyed that no person should be deprived of their basic rights.

These men that died in order that we could all be sovereign, and that nobody

could own anyone else, were deprived of everything when their lives were taken.

It is our responsibility to never forget what they have so bravely done for us.

Lincoln’s legacy has taught us to treat others fairly, to stay united ,

and to show respect where respect is deserved. We, as American citizens, must

follow these teachings. If looked at closely, many people, in many documents,

have been clearly been telling us what we can do to create the ideal society.

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