Light Vs Dark


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Light vs. Dark

Today we watched a movie in class on light skinned black people and dark skinned black people. The movie was based on the discrimination between the two colors. There are many tones of blackness and according to the movie there is a battle between the different shades of who is the dominant shade. Once the movie concluded we discussed it, and talked about what we thought of the discrimination and or competition between the different shades of black. After that we read out some of our newspaper articles to the class. Then we were dismissed.

I read an article in a magazine that discussed the racism between blacks and whites and why it exists. When I first picked up the article and saw it I thought it was just going to be another stupid article trying to justify racism. But I decided to read it anyway. To my surprise the article was not that bad. It argued that the reason that there is racism in today’s world is due to our ignorance of the obvious. That there is no dominant race that we are all equal. Not only white people have to realize this but African American people have to accept this as well. The article also said that we as people have to stop thinking that just because someone is of different skin color that they have to be bad. More or less its saying that we can not jump to conclusions about what someone may be. For example a perfectly sane looking white male may in fact be a crazy killer type of person. Who is to say that any one type of person is more dominant than the next. This misconception is very widely misinterpreted. According to the article no one is more special than another person. The bible says that all men are created equal, so why are we under the impression that whites are the dominant race.

Personally I do not think that there is any reason that one should think he is better than another, especially when you are basing it on what color skin you are. I agree with the article when it says that no one is different form the other when you look at what’s inside. We all have a heart and kidney, lungs and brain. So what really makes the other better than the other. Nothing!! Nothing makes another person better than the other, any one under that impression is one of two things. First he or she is either under the wrong impression and mislead, but most of the time the people who think that they are superior are uneducated and need to be educated on what life is like in today’s society. The reason the racism still is in existence is because parents who are racist teach their children there racist ways and it continues that was because children are not educated enough about what is right and what is wrong, so they live their lives under a misleading fact, which in fact is a fallacy.

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