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Do black men prefer light-skinned women to dark-skinned women?

From the founding of this counnty black have always been connected second class citizens. We were brought over here on slave ships and even on in first constitution the American we were considered 3/5 of a person. The American society has been made to exclude the black people. Look at the corporate America. It is made up mostly of white males and the people in the corporate world control most of the money and money is power. It has been this way since the creation of the American colonies.

One way that blacks have gained some ground is through affirmative action. Affirmative action and other equal opportunity policies work because they have the ability to provide opportunities to groups and individuals that would not receive them otherwise. Affirmative action has created opportunities for people to go to college to further their education and has provided the means for people to work for a particular organization. It has allowed disadvantaged individuals some semblance of the same rights and opportunities that “all of us” are supposed to possess. The idea of a “level playing” field is embodied in the language and ideology behind the goals of Affirmative Action.

The issue of skin tone with African American s and how it relates to the male and female relation stems back to the stereotype that white is right. This oppression has been floating around the African American society for years. It starts back with colonization of the African Continent and how the European forced their culture on us through religion and colonization. They change the African culture by incorporating European s way of life and thinking. For example, light skin is perceived as beautiful and black people use endless chemicals to straighten their hair hence look more like white people. When in actuality our hair is naturally kinky. In today s society the light skin woman is perceived to be more European and beautiful than a darker female with African features. This is a result of colonization and religion imposed by the European culture.

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