Light And Dark


Light And Dark Essay, Research Paper

The Creation of The Universe, The Earth, and Human Beings

In the beginning there was only darkness. For many millions of years

this darkness remained. There were no stars, no sun, and no earth. But

one day something very special happened. The darkness created light. It

was a very small amount of light but it was just enough. The light became

the husband of the dark. After a long while both the light and the dark

became bored. The light began to insult the dark and the light replied

with equally harsh insults.

You are not as beautiful as I!” said the light.

“Ha! You are much uglier than I!” said the dark.

Eventually they began to fight. None could triumph over the other,

however, because they both were equal in power. Dark had a little bit more

strength but light had a little bit more cunning. They continued to fight

for a very long time until one day the light was tired and she called to

the dark.

“We must create beings that will give more meaning to our lives for we

must live together for eternity.”

The dark agreed and so it was settled. They would conceive two new

beings. One would be female the other would be male and the two siblings

would be fertile and give birth to the universe. The light gave birth to a

god, the first god, and his name was Thrakath. He was the creator of the

universe and the son of the light and the dark. The light also gave birth

to Tria and she was the creator of the universe, the daughter of the light

and the dark and the wife of Thrakath.

Both Thrakath and Tria lived together within the light and dark for a

long time creating the universe within their minds. After they had finished

thinking they decided to implement their plans. First they created the

stars. There were many stars throughout the universe and both Thrakath and

Tria were pleased. But the stars eventually became troublesome so they

decided to create the sun.

The sun became the king of the universe and he was very bright so he

could be seen from far and wide. The stars feared him and so again began

to behave in an appropriate fashion. He also was very hot and warmed the

once cold universe so that life would be possible.

Then, Thrakath and Tria decided to make planets. They made eight

planets, one every month for eight months. These planets were much smaller

than the stars and they worshipped the sun and revolved around him. They

waited three more months until they created the ninth planet. This planet

they named Earth and decided to make her special. The other planets became

jealous but the ever present sun discouraged them from displaying unrest.

The earth became extremely weary of her life so Thrakath and Tria gave

her a friend who would be her eternal companion named Moon. Moon and Earth

became good friends and they stayed together. Thrakath and Tria were very

pleased with what they had created but they were not quite finished.

They were tired of creating, however, and so they created an earth-god

name Terra who would develop and populate the earth. Terra wasted no time

in getting to work. First he created water and then he created land. When

he had finished he thought to himself how very beautiful Earth was and he

was also pleased. Then he reached into his pockets and took out some

seeds. Terra proceeded to plant these seeds in the land. They were all

different types of seeds and from them sprang many different trees. Some

bared fruit and others didn’t.

Terra thought to himself that the plants were nice but were not

interesting enough so he planted special seeds that would grow into

animals. Only two of each type of animals were created but they mated and

reproduced and populated the earth. He then thought to himself that the

animals were interesting but were not very smart. He wanted to create

individuals who, like himself, could also create. So after much thought,

he created people.

The people were very smart. They learned much by just observing the

environment around them. They used the plants to create tools and shelter

for themselves. They also used plants for food. They killed some of the

animals and used them for clothing and also for food. Terra was ecstatic

at what he had created and bragged about the people to Thrakath and Tria

who were interested.

For many hundreds of years the people were good, taking only what they

needed from the earth and obeying the wishes of Terra, the earth-god. They

always remembered to worship him for they owed him much. The people loved

Terra and each other and were happy. They reproduced and soon populated the

earth along with the animals.

But then humans started to do bad things. They began to kill each

other, waste the food, and disobey Terra. They no longer worshipped him

and many forgot him altogether. The people thought that they could live

well without respecting the earth-god. Terra the earth-god became very

displeased and so he created a great and terrible monster to deal with the

people. The monster was named Dragga and he was a violent and terrifying

beast. He swept down upon the earth with great fury and devoured as many

people as his immense belly could hold. Those that he could not eat he

grabbed with his enormous claws and snapped in half.

The people were horrified and called out to Terra to have mercy and

save them. Terra heard their cries and had pity for them so he created a

great earth warrior named Hercles to slay the beast. Hercles had

superhuman strength and possessed a sharp, double-edged sword. He

travelled many miles to find Dragga and when he found the monster he

immediately slayed him. The people were grateful to Terra for sending them

such a fearless warrior to slay Dragga and made Hercles their King. With

Hercles as their king, the people of the earth once again became prosperous

and the world was returned to order.

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