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He was on the basketball team and I was the statistician. We were two high school students doing our job for the team. He didn?t know me, and I didn?t know him. Then one day he walked into my Spanish class. I was frightened to death to talk to him, so I wrote him letters and started giving them to him during the passing period. Fortunately, he wasn?t as mean as he looked. He started asking me to sit next to him at assemblies. We began talking on the phone; one day he asked me to the basketball banquet. We started dating and we?ve been together ever since.

Up until my senior year, school had not been a priority to me. Doing my homework and studying for test were not important to me. My grades were dropping gradually and I was on my way to failing. But he inspired me to study and try my hardest in school. I was a year behind in school and now I?m back on track. I?ve put college as my number one priority in life and I?m striving to reach my goals. I have worked diligently taking summer classes and night school.

To the average person this sounds real ?high school-teenage girl has crush on boy.? But my current goals in life have change since I?ve met him. I can honestly say that I would not have come this far in my education if he would not have been there encouraging me.

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