Lies And Deceit


Lies And Deceit Essay, Research Paper

False identities, lies and deceit, Lucentio from The Taming Of The Shrew and Tom from The Talented Mr. Ripley did all of these things. They both lied about what they like or what they did. They both took false identities to get the girl that they wanted to like them. Though they have many similarities comedies and dramas end very differently. The Talented Mr. Ripley is a drama and ends in tragedy, The Taming Of The Shrew is a comedy and ends with happiness.

Lucentio and Tom both lied to get what they wanted from people who were supposed to be able to trust them. Lucentio lied about where he was from and that he was a schoolmaster there to teach Bianca. Tom lied about going to Princeton with Dickey Greenleaf, liking jazz, liking sailing and art. Tom s lie wasn t as bad as lucentio s but he still wasn t being honest about who he rally was. Lucentio s more serious and harder to get out of. Luc/Cam. I read that I profess, the art of love. (IV, ii, 11).

Both of the characters took false identities to get the girl that they liked. Lucentio said he was a schoolmaster named Cambio to be able to get close and get to know Bianca so she would fall in love with him. Lucentio worked with his friend Tranio getting more people involved in his lies and false identities. Tra. You will be a schoolmaster / and undertake the teaching of the maid/ (I, I, 197 205). Tom told the girl he liked that his name was Dickey Greenleaf the son of a rich boat owner so the girl would think that he was rich and famous. This time Tom s false identity was more serious because his ended in tragedy and deceit, Lucentio s ended with him getting Bianca.

A comedy ends differently than a drama in that a comedy everything is normal at the end order in the world is restored, but at the end of a drama tragedy occurs usually in murder but also with betrayal. The Talented Mr. Ripley ends with Tom s lies being exposed, people getting killed and people being betrayed by Tom. In The Taming Of The Shrew the characters all get the girl or change the girl for the better but everything that happens is for the better. Hor. Now, go thy ways; thou hast tamed a curst/ shrew./ (V, ii, 212-213). The drama leaves people sad and unhappy but a comedy leaves people happy because everything happens the way it should.

By lying and taking false identities Tom and Lucentio hurt the people that trusted them. The actions of lying and taking false identities usually will end with drama- like endings but not always as bad as The Talented Mr. Ripley. Lying will only get a person in trouble but Lucentio was lucky and did not get hurt.

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