Letters Of War


Letters Of War Essay, Research Paper

Letters of War

?Spartan mothers of old, who, when their sons went forth to

battle for freedom and their native land, said to their sons:

?Either come home proudly bearing your shield before you, or upon

it??(Edwards 139). This statement is a quote from Adrain Edwards

to His Mother. This statement symbolizes the true meaning of the

word patriotism. Patriotism is the action, practice or process of

loving, supporting and defending one?s country.

As I have stated in the previous paragraph, that statement

was written by Adrian Edwards to his mother. It is the essence to

what his beliefs are. He volunteered to join the American men to

fight in World War I(Carroll 138). Yes, that is correct, he

volunteered. He was not drafted, nor forced to join his fellow

man to fight in the war, it was his choice. This shows his belief

that everything that life holds is worth dying for, which

includes the country he loves. This idea of patriotism, of love

for ones country, is evident in Letters of a Nation.

The letter, George Saito to His Father, had a dramatic

impact on me as soon as I finished reading it. A soldier is

writing to his father to let him know about his other son, who

died in battle. He wanted to let him know exactly how it

happened, and the impact his son had on his company. His actions

saved many lives, even though his own was taken. He lets his

father know that even though he has lost a son already, that the

volunteering that they had done was not foolish, and that he is

proud to fight for his country (Saito 153). Again, this man

volunteered to join in the fight to preserve his home land, to

fight for what he believed in, and to in the event it might

happen, die for it. He is willing to sacrifice his own life for

ideals greater than life itself. The reason why this letter had

such an impact on me, was because that he knew his brother was

killed in the line of duty. Yet, it seems as though he renders

the idea that even though his brother may be gone, he will

continue to fight for the country he loves and will die trying,

just as his other sibling had done. This is an example of a true


In the letter, Clara Barton to Jessie Gladden, it too

demonstrates the ideas of love for one?s country and patriotism.

It reads, ?…and think him equal, if not the superior, of any

warrior of any time?(Barton 136). This section of the letter

shows that a soldier who believes in his cause, which is his

country, is the superior soldier. This letter was written by

Clara Barton, and she talks about the American soldier from when

she was taking part in the Civil War. These soldiers fought for

their country, not because they were told to, but because they

wanted to(Barton 136). And again, one aspect of patriotism is the

action of defending one?s country. And not only does she admit

to saying that these kind of soldiers were good, she says they

are the best. There is one more letter which also helps support

the idea of patriotism and love of ones country.

?That every molly-coddle, professional pacifist, and man who

is ?too proud to fight? when the nation?s quarrel is just, should

be exiled to those out of the way parts…where the spirit of

manliness has not yet penetrated?(Roosevelt 137). These powerful

words were written by Theodore Roosevelt. They are from the

letter Theodore Roosevelt to Mrs. William Brown Meloney. He talks

about how every man should be ready and willing to fight for

one?s country. He goes onto say that any man who is not willing

to defend his home, should be thrown out of his country(Roosevelt

137). I too believe in these words in which Roosevelt speaks.

Everyone should not feel obligated to their country. They should

love and be willing to defend it.

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