Lessons Learned


Lessons Learned Essay, Research Paper

Lessons Learned

Ordinarily death would not have touched my life with such emphasis; however,

when one of my parents passed away, the effect hit me hard. I learned several things

about life and death . Having to cope with my father?s death at age twelve, left me

embarrassed, resentful, and envious. I never knew my father as well as I should have, but

that was my fault. I chose my mother instead of my father.

I was a mother?s son, ?a momma?s boy,? as some said behind my back. I did not

have the same interests as my father. He liked to hunt, work on cars, and do other outside

activities. I did not like killing animals, getting dirty, or even getting hot; therefore, I

stayed inside the house with my mother. I chose not to be around my father and not to

help him. Basically, I chose not to have a relationship with my father. Not learning any of

his lessons, not having any fatherly advice, and not having a father figure left me feeling

empty inside.

Spending my teenage years without a father left me feeling embarrassed, resentful,

and envious. My dad was supposed to be there for me. He was supposed to answer those

?guy questions.? Embarrassment is a big reason that I still do not know the answers to all

those questions. My dad left me. He was not supposed to do that to me. Everyone else

had a dad to look over them, to take care of them, and to talk with them, yet I did not

have that benefit. My dad died before I could really do anything. Dealing with his death

at age twelve is what I got to do with my father.

Sharp 2

When my father passed away, I was twelve and I did not understand the reality of

death at that time. My father was diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was eight. I just

thought that he was sick, and I never realized the severity of a brain tumor until later on in

my life. He was in and out of hospitals. My sister and I were shuffled around with

different family members each week. Being passed around to different people made

dealing with my father?s sickness very hard. My father died while my sister and I were

staying at our aunt?s house. My sister and I were asleep when my father died. I said no

?goodbye? or ? I love you? before my dad passed away. I then promised myself I never

would make that same mistake again.

Dealing with death at a young age taught me many things. I always spend time

with loved ones. I do not have problems asking for help. I do not have any resentment

for people?s leaving me alone. I grew up very fast, and I understand the life and death

cycle. Since my father?s death, I have said my ?goodbyes? and ?I love yous? to everyone

at all times because I never know when someone will die.

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