Legends Of The Fall


Legends Of The Fall — Literal Analysis Essay, Research Paper

Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Fall are a fictional drama/romance film by Edward Zwick. Set during World War 1 in the hills of Montana. The main setting was in the Ludlow ranch, where the author develops five particular characters: Colonel Ludlow, Alfred, Samuel, Tristan, and Susana. Colonel Ludlow was the father of Alfred, the oldest, Tristan, and Samuel, the youngest of his sons. An Indian that lived on the Ludlow ranch narrates the story. He tells the story in third person. The reason he is a reliable narrator is because he was there doing all the events and he wasn’t biased in any of them, he just told facts. In using the Indian as a narrator, the author sets an aged rustic mood for the movie. In the beginning of the movie all 3 brothers were close, and their father was glad they are all home. The father, Colonel Ludlow was a prideful man in the beginning of the movie. Being a veteran of war, he had an attitude towards the government and people who work for it. The brothers were very different. Alfred is firm in his beliefs, and followed the rules of man and god. Samuel also was firm in his beliefs and was interested in the world and its events. Alfred and Samuel both seemed to be looking for their place in the world. Samuel especially, wanted the admiration and respect that his father had from others. Tristan was very different from his other brothers. His other brothers where more into business and people; whereas, Tristan was into hunting and survival. Tristan was wild and didn’t listen to anything or really look for his place in the world. Susana is Samuel’s fianc?e. Susana seemed to seek adventure and love, but became lost and confused in her search. In the movie the three brothers go off to war all for different reasons. All leaving behind Susana, who they all had feelings for. Chronologically, series of events cause the brothers to separate and become distant. However, most these events where caused by pride and because of Susana. Conflicts where caused by these events, characters, and their reactions to the events. During the course of this movie, many of the characters change. Colonel Ludlow because less prideful and more protective of his family. Alfred learns not to be selfish and not everything is about being right and winning. Tristan learns that he isn’t invincible and that he cant protect everyone. He also learns to control his aggressions. Overall, he finds himself as a person.

In Legends of the Fall, there were many images that where symbolic. For example, when ever Tristan would ride home, he would bring in wild horses tamed. It symbolized that the wildness in him could tame others, or as the Indian said it “ others would break against him like a rock.” Also the old grizzly bear symbolized Tristan’s wild spirit and the way he was a person in a way. The writer uses imagery to appeal to the audience senses of sight. The author’s tone conveyed many things such as, love is not only hard to find but hard to understand. Also the complications of living are many times out of our hands. I think that the author was very ironic because the Ludlows lived in a beautiful area filled with unhappiness and ugliness. Also the way Susana had what she wanted but threw it all away because she couldn’t wait, and then when it was there it was to late. This tone helped with the theme of the story by developing the characters more and by drawing the interest of the viewers. The viewers could relate more to the story with the author’s tone that was used.

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