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Learning Experiences Essay, Research Paper

Learning is something that takes place everyday. Each student learns in a different way and various speeds. Teachers are an important tool for students learning. Therefore, they must create a comfortable environment for their students.

I had a negative learning experience with my third grade teacher. One day she jerked me out of my sit by my arm. She thought I was daydreaming, but I was only trying to firgure out which word went in the sentence. That episode scared me so much I never told my parents and my grades dropped to D’s and F’s. I went on to the fourth grade only to make honor roll the whole year, because I had a teacher who made feel at ease in her class.

I had many positive learning experiences in my school career, but the one that stands out most is my teacher in the seventh grade. He taught Tennessee History. He made a subject I didn’t care for so much fun. He used different teaching methods to reach all of his students. I could ask questions if I neded too. He went the extra mile for his students and it showed. Others noticed and promoted him to assistant princple.

Teachers need to realize the impact they have on their students lives. Using force and fear are not acceptable ways to communicate with students. They can influence a child to learn more by being positive, understanding and patient.

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