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Critique on Inherit the Wind and Leap of Faith

(The Impact on Society)

The world is filled with all sorts of people, with different ideas and views of living life. Different people have different methods of influencing other people, either indirectly or directly. People in today s present age have different perceptions of society than in the past. Perhaps, events from the past have altered the views of people in the present age. I believe that stories like Inherit the Wind and Leap of Faith have made a grave impact on present society.

Inherit the Wind is a significant story of this century. The story presents us with ideas such as freedom of speech, and freedom to think. Without these ideas, individuals would not be able to express themselves or their beliefs. Ideas such ideas, Darwinism or the Big Bang are supported due to the overwhelming relevance recognized by society. One of the classic examples of the modern times is the dismantling of the Soviet Union. The Soviets were exposed to the information of the freedom of speech available to the Western World. As a result, the mindset of the Soviets changed radically and eventually the Soviet Union disintegrated. It has been predicted that for the same reasons, Communism will gradually fade away. In the years to come, expect to see dramatic changes in the way of life in major Communist countries like China. Without this freedom, perhaps we would be living in a world based on religious and bias views. The world has come a long way due to these ideas of freedom.

The movie Leap of Faith reveals the abuse of these two ideas of freedom. This story shows how people take advantage of the privilege to think and speak, and use these ideas to corrupt and mislead the citizens of a small town. The preacher is hooked up to a microphone. His staff collects information of some of the people sitting in the audience. The staff then relays the seat number and specifics of an individual sitting in the

audience to the preacher. The preacher then calls upon that individual by name. The audience is spell bound.

The staff relays more facts to the preacher. The preacher blurts out these details to the audience. The individual is taken totally by surprise. As the preacher reveals more information about the individual, the

public is convinced that the preacher has superior powers. However, this is one way how public knowledge

is exploited by certain individuals.

Nonetheless, I believe that the freedom to speak and the freedom to think will help the world surpass in their endeavors and gradually bring equality to all human beings.

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