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Las Vegas VacationLast year my cousin Benny, a person with the largest male ego in the world- – whom seems that male is superior over any females, invited me to his new casino in Las Vegas for a grand opening. After flying for an hour and a half from San Francisco to Las Vegas, I exited the gate in Las Vegas Airport. Suddenly, I heard bells ringing and the ching of the money pouring from the slot machine in the airport plaza. I notice the gambling began in the airport. As I walked to the tram, a vehicle running only on electricity transported me to pick up my luggage; my lips became very dry from the weather. After I picked up my luggage, I went outside to the taxi line, fifty people whom eagerly wanted a taxi. When the taxi approached me I told the taxi driver to drop me off at the Fantasy Hotel. As I began to enter in the taxi, I smelled a very sour smell. At my corner of my eyes, I glanced at the taxi driver, a dirty male with sweat dripping all over his face with a heavy body odor scent- – a person who seemed like showers does not exists. Luckily, the hotel was not far away from the airport; or else I would soon vomit. After sitting in the smelly cab, I threw the driver the money and quickly jumped out the car. Wow!! The hotel was a form of a castle shape. It had a large river flowing all around the side of the hotel. There was a large drawbridge, which the cars entered. In the main entrance there was huge Trojan Horse, a statue about twenty stories high and five hundred feet large, guarding the front entrance. All the employees dressed in the medieval times. There were knights, dressed in full metal outfits, opening the front door for guests. The whole building was made with stone like materials that gave it an ancient look. Horses were walking around with knights riding them. As I walked into the hotel, the lobby was filled with hundreds of slot machines. Noisy bells ringing and money dropping from the slot machines sounded the whole lobby floor. The scene looked like a typical casino in Las Vegas. As usual, the scene was packed with many people. The air was full of smoke from burning tobacco and the sounds of people yelling at the gambling tables wanted to win big bucks. The carpet was dark red and the lobby area was decorated with black and gold trimmings. There were many cute bar girls dressed in tight skimpy black clothes serving cocktails to the gamblers, men who wore gold Rolex watches which was shinning from the reflection of the glass ceilings.

As I looked at my invitation, I saw a cocktail waitress, a girl with the perfect size body, walked by me. My invitation read, The Grand Ball Room. I walked up to the large marble front desk and I presented my invitation to the girl. She looked at me and joyfully welcomed me. She called out a sexy lady, dressed in thin with clothes to escort me to the Grand Ballroom. This girl looked best of all. She was dressed in a white tight v-neck shirt and a white mini skirt. She had straight blond hair with bright red fingernails. Her skin tone was tanned with very slim legs. She softly said, Welcome to the Fantasy Hotel, I ll be escorting you to the Grand Ballroom. As I approached the gold and chrome doors in the back of the hotel, I looked up at the diamond-covered sign and it said, The Grand Ballroom. After opening the door, a swarm of people started to cheerfully sing, Happy Birthday!!! I slowly looked around with my mouth open and noticed that my friends attended this event. During the past months, my cousin liked to me about the grand opening ceremony. I will never forget my cousin Benny, a guy with the sneakiest ideas, throwing me a surprise birthday party in this casino in Las Vegas.

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