Lake Pontchartrain


Lake Pontchartrain Essay, Research Paper

Lake Pontchartrain

From my research on the Lake Pontchartrain i have found out that the lake is not just a Lake God put on this earth but a lake that Louisiana needs. 1


The lake’s early settlements were over 3′00 years ago. 2 They settled on the north shore due to the fact that it was best place to settle. 4 If by the way you are wondering the first settlers were of European descent. 5


The Lake pollution were very serious. 6 In some areas you could not swim. Now people have spotted orcas and mantes. 7 That shows how the lake inproved. 8

The manmade pollution’s problem are main dumping. 9 The finger can be pointed at boats. 10 The urban run off is a good manmade pollution problem. 11 lets get to the pollution that we can’t control natural pollution. 12 (now when i say natural pollution i really mean erosion and other such things. 13 ) Well the main reason is that the salt content is erodeing the shores and wetlands.14

What is being done.

They have a nice web site out.15 There is I urge you to go it. 16 We have goverment companies working on the lake problems. 17 So please don’t harm our lake. 18

For your Information

The Lake is the largest natural lake in Louisiana. 19 The lake is 20 miles by 40 miles. 20 Very big Lake right?21 Lake pontcharttrain is a brakish lake. 22A brakish lake is where salt and freash is. 23 If you are looking for the lake look for a big hole in the boot of lower Louisiana . 24 I didn’t even know this fact. 25 The Lake is home to the second oldest yacht club in the US 26 It is called the Southern yacht club it is New Oleans . 27


The lake is home to many birds.28 They are egrets, spoonbills, herons,pelicans, seagulls, and wild ducks. 29 the lake is also home to alot of salt water animals like bluecrabs,oysters,and shrimp.30 heck i am tired of saying the lake is home of so here are the others animals you may find in the Lake Pontchartrain area bass , catfish , red drums, rabbits , foxes, alligators, nutras, and

the dang coons. 31


To tell you the truth plants in the lake were real hard to find. 32 The Lakes plants are cypress trees, mosses, oaks, and seaweed. 33

Alligators are rarely found in the lake but are common in the rivers that flow into it. 34 Alligator have a broad mouth. 35 I just wanted to mention that the reason the alligators where in endangered was for there skin. 36


The wetlands have been endanger for a long time. 37 They have suffered a lot of loses. Deterioration has accorded due to the rise in the sealevel. 38


The shorelines have suffered. 39 They have moved and eroded due to the saltily water. 40

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