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The Koran, the book of Islam, is not only the testimony of a false prophet, it is the testimony of Antichrist. Yet, so many hearing that testimony today are willing to believe it, to take it to heart, to stand on it, and even to die for it — as if it were written by the Spirit of Truth.

Have you ever read the Koran? It is a book that has influenced almost as many people as the Bible. It is a book that has contributed to the shaping of world history. And it is a book that will greatly influence the events of these last days. If you haven’t, I recommend that you read it, but only after having first read the Bible. Why? Though you may be able to spot the absurdities in the Koran you will not be able to see through the subtle elements of its powerful deception unless you first come to know and understand real scripture. Sure, it may take a while before you finish both, but don’t you think you owe it to your own soul to at least look for the truth?

The whole premise is folly, you say? Then, consider this: If what I was writing supposedly unmasked the deceptions and myths of the Bible, how many people would really care? And of those who would care, how many Christian believers would take it upon themselves to physically silence me? Though some might feel wounded and perhaps tempted to do me hurt, I believe that I would be able to pass through a crowd of them without harm. Could I say the same about Moslem believers if what I wrote defamed the Koran? No, it is dangerous to speak out against them, their society, their prophet, and their so-called holy book. Few adherents of Islam tolerate any ideas other than their own, let alone dissent. Magnanimity is just not a principle by which they operate.

In the spirit of ecumenism and religious tolerance or just not caring, many today have adopted a live-and-let-live attitude about spiritual beliefs. I, too, believe that there should be a freedom of choice concerning the way we define the Creator to ourselves and the way we worship. However, it behooves us to be aware that not everyone shares such democratic ideals. In fact, very few do. There are those who would rob us of that right.

Until recently, Christians were most concerned about the threat that Communism posed to religious freedom. To them I say, you won’t know real religious persecution until the Mohammedans have arrived. Mohammedans are opposed to religions other than their own because they feel they are a blasphemy to Allah — a blasphemy which is to be punishable by them, at that.

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