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The Life of King David

In this essay I will be talking about the life of King David. He was a man who

went from being a giant slayer, to a king, to a man in exile and, then he went

back to being a great man. As a boy, David was a shepherd. He took care of his

father’s sheep. He was a very courageous boy. When a wolf tried to steal a sheep,

he didn’t run, he stood his ground and killed the wolf. One day his father told

him to go to the land where his brothers were fighting a war against the

Philistines. When he got there, he saw the giant Goliath cursing God and making

fun of the Hebrew warriors. David was the only person there with enough courage

to fight Goliath. With God’s help David killed Goliath with a sling and a stone

from a brook nearby. When he killed Goliath, the Philistines were really scared.

They all fled for their lives and the Hebrews won the war. During David’s life

he makes many friends. One of the people who was David’s friend was king Saul.

David played his harp for Saul and made him feel better when life was getting

him down. David also becomes good friends with, Jonathan, Saul’s son. Saul gets

envious of David because the people of Saul’s kingdom really like David. Saul

tried to have David killed but, Jonathan finds out about the plot and saves

David’s life. Later on in life David became king of all Israel. One day David

was up on the roof of his palace and he saw Bathsheba bathing on her roof.

Instead of turning away from his sinful thoughts, he had her called to his

chamber where he lay with her, and had sexual intercourse. David didn’t think

before he acted and he got Bathsheba pregnant. He had no idea how to get out of

the predicament he was in. David summoned Bathsheba’s husband Uriah back from

battle. He told Uriah to go lay with his wife for the night, but Uriah was loyal

to King David and would not leave the King’s side. That night Uriah slept with

the rest of the King’s warriors, instead of his own wife who he hadn’t see in

days. The next night David tried to get Uriah drunk so he could trick him into

lying with his wife. But still Uriah remains loyal to David and, he will not

leave his King. Then David came up with an idea to have Uriah fight in the front

of the battle where the fighting was fiercest and David knew that Uriah would be

killed. Uriah is killed in battle and David is allowed to marry Bathsheba. She

bears him a child, and life is good, but David’s sins are found out by the

prophet Nathan and he loses his position as King. The child Bathsheba had for

David dies because David sinned against God. David is exiled and he finds

himself living in a cave. God hadn’t give up on David. He still had a plan for

David’s life. By David being exiled, it allows David to write the book of Psalms.

These writings are very inspiring.

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