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To Kill a Mockingbird – By Harper Lee

The book starts out with Scout, as the narrator, thinks back to a time when her brother Jem broke his arm, and she looks back over the year and she remembers some events that took place in those years that led to his accident. Scouts remembers that it happened one summer when she was six years old, a child name Dill came to spend the summer with his Aunt Rachel. Dill becomes good friends with Scout and Jem over the course of the summer, and the children spend all of their free time trying to find ways to make their neighbor, Boo Radley come out of his house. None the the kids had ever seen him before, but they knew that he is basically always in his house and never comes out, which sturs the children’s curiousity.

When the summer is over, Scout enters school and gets into trouble because she is already so far of everyone else in her grade, so she is always doing something in her class that leads up to trouble. That basically starts when she meets a boy name Walter Cunningham, who she constantly gets in fights with. During the course of the school year, Scout and her older brother Jem begin find things inside of a tree that has a hole in it, which is on Boo’s property.

When summer comes, Dill returns and the three kids keep trying to make their neighbor, Boo, to come out of his house. One night the kids go to the porch of Boo’s house, when a shadow appears and the kids run for their lives. When Jem is running he gets his pants caught on a fence and he slips out of his pants in order to escape. When Jem returns to the fence later on that night, he finds the the rips in his pants were fixed and folded by the fence, waiting for Jem to pick them up, which was obviously Boo’s work.

The children then go back to school during the last weeks of summer, and there is a cold weather throughout their town, and it begins to snow. One day, their neighbor, Miss Maudie’s house burns down and Scout and Jem have to stand outside their own house, because it also might burn down. When Scout and Jem are shivering in the cold, someone puts a blanket around the children, without them noticing, which points to the work’s of Boo.

Atticus, which is Scout’s father, is a lawyer who begins to defend a black man who’s name is Tom Robinson, who was accused of attacking a woman, but there are absolutely no signs that he did so. During their trial, the children sit in the black section of the court. Atticus proves that Mayella Ewell’s story of being attacked by Tom Robinson is fake. But since there is a all-white jury, a verdict of guilty is brought against Tom. After the trial, the father of Mayella, Bob, is determined to get revenge on Atticus for proving that he is a liar.

During Halloween, Scout and Jem go to a pageant with their costumes on. On the way back from that pageant, Jem feels that he is being followed, and they are soon attacked by someone, and the next thing that Scout recalls is that she is being carried home. Jem ends up with a broken arm, and Scout suffered a bruise, and thanks to her custome, it saved her life, otherwise a knife would have stabbed Scout and killed her. When the sheriff arrives to the seen, he finds Bob Ewell dead with a knife in him, and in Jem’s room where he was lying, he discovers that the man that carried Jem home was in the room, which was Boo Radley. Scout later realizes that because of Boo, he had saved their lives.

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