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A Classic To Be Read

A book that I believe every college student should read is Kidnapped, by Robert

Stevenson. This novel has a great amount of dialect throughout, well developed characters and is

psychologically mature for college students. First, this book kept me focused and interested till

the end with easy dialog. More important, young David a 16 year old lad, sets out for a unknown

journey. Both of his parents are dead. David just wants to leave the little town of Essendean. For

example, he was sent to his uncle Ebenezer house. From there he ends up on a ship. Second,

Kidnapped, is an adventurous odyssey out boat. Even better, David survived vicious seamen,

shipwrecks, starvation, and witnessed murders. While traveling on the Covenant, David found a

true friend named Alan, and develops a sense of self reliance. This is a tough time in a young mans

life finding maturity and growing up this way. For example ,the author pulls you from main stream

of real life and takes you there into the story. Finally, the cruel acts and greedy intentions of uncle

Ebenezer for David. He paid 20 pounds for the Carolinians to take David. At the end Alan

persisted in asking the uncle what happened to David. The uncle says he was kidnapped and so

fourth. Best of all, the lawyer and David step around the corner, uncle Ebenezer turns to stone

and is speechless. For example, this shows how cruel and greedy uncle Ebenezer really did not

want the boy and caught in a lie. So the lawyer, David, and Alan told the uncle they would go

easy on him, you better believe he got what he deserved.

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